Trumps core followers: German-American?

The Times has done fascinating work on statistical correlations for populations in Trump-favoring counties. Second from the top in strongest correlations (after "White, no high-school diploma") is "'Americans' - Percent reporting ancestry as 'American' on the census." At the bottom of the list is a strong negative correlation, "White Anglo-Saxon Protestants - Whites with European non-Catholic ancestry." So it's not the WASPs. And it's not people who identify their ancestry with specific European countries. It tends towards Catholic ancestry. It's not going to be Irish or Italian or Polish or French, since the Irish, Italians, Poles and French proudly claim their ancestry.

What European ancestry have Americans disowned after going through two World Wars? It's German-Catholic-Americans who pretend to be simply "American" who are the core of Trump's support. That's who the WASP Republican establishment got in bed with. And due to the strong authoritarianism that's always been strong at the intersection of German and Catholic cultures, that's who is drawn to Trump -- himself a German-American. This is the population prone to fascism in America. Is there any way, in their own culture's terms, to reach them and turn these German-Americans away from this dark path?

Have you spent any time in the midwest?

The Sons of Hermann statue in New Ulm

The Amana Colonies in Iowa

There are a great many cities with strong German influence around the country.

I have a hard time picturing St Paul MN as a Trump stronghold, the American city with the most Germans.

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If there is a german root to Trumps story it comes from an Austrian's tactics:

From Volume II Chapter 7 Mein Kampf

...Soon they tried to silence us but discovered the uselessness of such an attempt. After that they swung round to the opposite tactics. Daily 'reference' was made to us solely for the purpose of absolutely ridiculing us in the eyes of the working-classes. After a time these gentlemen must have felt that no harm was being done to us, but that, on the contrary, we were reaping an advantage in that people were asking themselves why so much space was being devoted to a subject which was supposed to be so ludicrous. People became curious. Suddenly there was a change of tactics and for a time we were treated as veritable criminals against mankind. One article followed the other, in which our criminal intentions were explained and new proofs brought forward to support what was said. Scandalous tales, all of them fabricated from start to finish, were published in order to help to poison the public mind. But in a short time even these attacks also proved futile; and in fact they assisted materially because they attracted public attention to us.

In those days I took up the standpoint that it was immaterial whether they laughed at us or reviled us, whether they depicted us as fools or criminals; the important point was that they took notice of us and that in the eyes of the working-classes we came to be regarded as the only force capable of putting up a fight.

There is no unique upwelling of German pride or support for Trump different than other nationalities.