Trump Seeks Emergency SCOTUS Ruling To Block House Subpoena For Financial Docs | Talking Points Memo

President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to intervene on an emergency basis to block a House subpoena for his financial records until the high court can decide whether to take the case.

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Trump contended in the filing that he would suffer irreparable harm from the subpoena being allowed to go forward

He’s got a point. Going to prison for fraud and forfeiting huge amounts of his wealth in fines would definitely qualify as one type of irreparable harm.


“Digging up dirt on political rivals.” Where have I heard that recently? What’s good for the goose . . . .


Mr. Trump is a man of principle. His only reason for fighting this hard is to defend the principle that presidents’ tax returns shouldn’t be released to anyone when the president is under audit. Thank God there is someone willing to stand up for this sacrosanct idea!


As always, the question is “What does he have to hide?” And if Bill Clinton could be deposed while he was in office, what the hell is so “intrusive” about this jamoke releasing his tax returns? Pitiful, but I love the smell of desperation and flop sweat.


And just when I was reading this post, I heard U2 singing, “I must be an acrobat to talk like this, and act like that.” Trump, the height of hypocrisy. Laws don’t apply to him, our lawless president. “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” indeed!


Trump cited Rao as arguing that the subpoena constituted a law enforcement action because “the gravamen of the Oversight Committee’s investigation … is the President’s wrongdoing.”

Well, if he wasn’t so deeply, pervasively, and constantly involved in wrongdoing, perhaps so much ‘intrusive’ oversight and consideration of new legislation would not be necessary.


I’m beginning to think Fat Nixon was scared by a subpoena as a child…


“Trump is asking the Supreme Court to intervene on an emergency basis to block a House subpoena for his financial records…”

“But I have absolutely NOTHING to hide.”


If this was anyone else, the question would not have even come up. The president should not be above the law, so the SC has the chance to state that by refusing this case, or by deciding against Trump if four of the conservatives force it to take the case. And, the next Congress should pass a law making it explicitly clear, and requiring candidates for federal offices to put their financial records in the public domain as part of their candidacy.


If it’s taken, 99.9% chance that it’ll be a 5-4 in his favor.

Roberts would lean on the others to prevent the mess of having to hold a vote on it if he’s intending to knock it down at the end anyways.


Trump contended in the filing that he would suffer irreparable harm from the subpoena being allowed to go forward, repeating an accusation that the President has made in litigation against Congress that lawmakers would immediately release any private financial records they receive to the public.

“Irreparable harm”???

So, he’s admitting that he’s hiding the truth, and is lying to the American people about his financial well-being. If he’s been honest with everyone from the beginning, then there would be no harm to him if what we find in his tax returns is consistent with what he says. If,OTOH, what we find is that he is a fraud and a con man, then he’s brought this harm upon himself, and he has only Putin to blame for putting him in this position which is subject to public accountability.


Some “inside baseball” here. Chief Justice Roberts will, as a matter of course, refer the stay application to the full Court. It will take five (not four) votes to grant a stay. And yes, it is likely that a stay will be granted.

The Congress should file an immediate response in which they state that if the Court were to grant the stay, it should also direct that a petition for certiorari be filed “forthwith” and that if granted (which would be a foregone conclusion) the Court adapt a very expedited briefing schedule so that the case could be heard in the January or February session (on a regular schedule it would be heard, at the earliest, in April).


It’s like the court order to open a large safety deposit box from which a large amount of blood has dripped out… They’re sure they have a body stuffed in there, but can’t get the court to let them open it, because it would cause irreparable harm to the owner of the box, who might then be charged with murder…


“Given the temptation to dig up dirt on political rivals, intrusive subpoenas into personal lives of Presidents will become our new normal in times of divided government – no matter which party is in power.”

Well, if it does become our “new normal,” it would only be because of the “new normal” which Chiselin’ Trump introduced, whereby a presidential candidate refuses to release any of his previous income tax returns.


One would think that the political parties, themselves, would benefit from such a requirement and would, therefore, consider adopting it into their own nominating rules.


Actually, this scenario happens all of the time.

At blood banks.




IANAL, but I doubt that a majority of the Court will support Trump in this appeal, because the Committee on Ways and Means is legally entitled to see the tax returns of any American.
It’s black-letter law—an anti-corruption law from the 1920s, enacted after Teapot Dome.
It’s been used with some frequency, and never been challenged successfully (if at all) in court.


You kind of walked in that one.