Trump’s WH Was A COVID Hot Zone. Biden WH Has Now Vaccinated Hundreds Of Staffers. | Talking Points Memo

President Biden’s White House medical team has administered the coronavirus vaccine to several hundred staffers, according to an Axios report, detailing how the new administration is handling the rollout of vaccines in a complex that was riddled with clusters of new coronavirus infections in the final months of former President Trump’s tenure.

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Say that a little louder please.


They still have weeks to build up the necessary immunities so don’t start taking off those masks early. We need y’all like you wouldn’t believe. Stay healthy, stay safe.


Trump in December had opposed the vaccination of White House staff, saying in a no-longer-available tweet that “people working in the White House should receive the vaccine somewhat later in the program, unless specifically necessary.”

Just appalling–casually killing those around him. He probably thought he was immune, having had it once.


I also read that a lot of tRump’s staff and just those in the White House came to believe that the virus was truly a hoax, so some of them bought the lie hook, line and sinker and refused to wear masks on their own without any direction from Hair Furor.


If the White House was a rancid coronavirus zone lord knows what everything else from the presidential limo to Mar a lago is like.


This is what should have happened under Trump…and it should be an example to the nation of what should be happening to get workplaces going again. The change in administrations is glaringly obvious, both in attitude and performance towards COVID; I expect that to continue as they get more things under their control.

It’s a bit frustrating watching the press act like the Biden administration is flailing a bit without accounting for the complete disaster the Trump administration left behind (and because the media gave Trump a pass on a whole lot of stuff they should have hammered him with). It’s good that the administration is pushing back on that, and stating clearly that they were left a bag of crap and have to start over. We’ll see in a month or two how well they have done, and maybe the media will come around and give them the credit they deserve.


Who knew?

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“Officials told Axios that the Biden administration is aiming to vaccinate all in-person staff over the next few weeks. The administration has also tightened protocols to curb the spread of coronavirus by requiring N95 masks at all times in the complex and daily COVID tests for White House employees.”

I fail to see how any of these measures enhance staff ability to cannibalize small children?


In other huge changes!


And yet, look what happened to one of the first people in the White House to fall victim. What’s interesting is after the story broke in October, there didn’t seem to be any news until this in December.


This should have been Trump, not his Security Director.


He added that since then “the White House medical team has vaccinated several hundred additional staffers from the Executive Office of the President who are working on site every day.”

Yes, but Joe Biden isn’t looking to inculcate the population with herd mentality by infecting every last one of them with a deadly and disabling disease with horrific symptoms.
It’s a policy difference.


Someone started a GoFundMe account for the guy because has staggering medical and rehab bills. A more detailed story of what has happened and what he faces for the future is here.


It’s just so incredibly sad. Heartbreaking.


This is such a common misconception among the general population.
The pedophilia and cannibalism isn’t part of day to day operations: it’s really only for festive occasions, like the winter solstice, when we aid and celebrate the rebirth of the Sun by burning a suitable ‘volunteer’ in a wicker cage. (ed.)


Obama’s fault…

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So “several hundred” staffers, many of whom could do their work remotely, are getting vaccinated? Sorry but screw this. My friends’ parents in their 80s are getting vaccine appointments in March, and Biden staffers have already gotten them? I was angry when Trump staffers had plans to jump the line, and I feel the same way now. Unless this is a specific plan to only vaccinate a skeleton crew of essential in-person White House staff, we shouldn’t be celebrating this.

Working in the Trump WH was hazardous to your health and this was clear since at least last September:


When Trump and his senior staff refused to wear masks, it sent a message to the nation. When Biden and his staff did wear masks, it sent a message.

When the nationwide vaccine rollout that’s supposed to start with the most vulnerable people is hitting lots of snags but hundreds of White House staffers are getting vaccinated it sends a message.

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