Trump’s Allies Reaped Their Rewards During His Impeachment Rant

The Fox News hits, pressers and tweet-storms from those Republicans who insisted, point blank, that the President did nothing worthy of impeachment and conviction paid off Thursday as they collected their shoutouts from a smug and victorious Donald Trump.

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I’d write something but I have to go puke first !


Thanks for the list of people we definitely need to beat in Nov.


Fuck them and this is concerning:

Not funny at all and I hope the media treat this seriously instead of seeing it as an opportunity to grift from chaos.


I mean, this is what the Republicans defend as their selection for president? This? He’s their standard bearer going into the future, the guy they joke about staying in office for decades? I didn’t watch his performance, but reading this it’s pretty unbelievable…this is the stuff you say when you’re sitting around in a club checking out the other patrons with your buds at the bar, not as a presidential address from the White House.

I’m continually amazed that Republicans look at Trump as someone to admire…I guess the propaganda is a lot stronger than we assumed if he’s their champion. And, it’s time to admit that there is just no way they are going to turn away from him, and return to “normal”…they intend to carry on like this into the future. The Democrats need to get all the voters that sit out elections to come out and vote this time, the base voters that are disillusioned…the only way we win back the government, and make progress towards a nation better for all Americans, is to shut this down, and winning Republicans back to the side of good just ain’t gonna happen.


Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX): With Ratcliffe, Trump again got hung up on appearances. ‘If we’re doing a remake of ‘Perry Mason,’ a man I get, there is nobody in Hollywood like this. John Ratcliffe,” he said to applause.

V.o: “previously on ‘The Donald Trump Show’.”


What comes around goes around,what goes up MUST come down.This will be a hard landing when it comes down.


Perry Mason?

Let’s see, Perry was honorable, compassionate, always stuck up for downtrodden, and had a strong smart confidential sectratary that he actually listened to. I knew Perry Mason. Perry Mason was a good guy. You sir, are no Perry Mason.


Excellent news for me, at least:

Not a single mention of Ron Johnson from my State. Not a word. This guy can’t even get a sound bite for his next run. LOL!!!


He must’ve removed it - I can’t display it.

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The Dirty Dozen, plus a few acolytes.

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It works fine for me haha.



“Trump focused on Jordan’s physique rather than his aggressive defensive styles”.
There’s a certain doctor at OSU who was able to verify that.

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Yeah, it just did for me now too. Sorry.

Gave me some nonsense about not being able to access the account.

But yeah, this isn’t going to significantly impact her security - it’s already at DEFCON 5.


“And you over there - Beelzabub - How ya doin’? He’s a great guy, not as great as Putin - but he helped get me elected too.”


Ukraine wants their money back.

Trump will offer them 10 cents on the dollar. When does Putin invade?


So when are we finished with impeachment taking up 3/4 of the front page of newspapers and real news like this back?

Well, here’s a piece of fallout from Iowa, no real surprise: