Trump Refocuses On Pennsylvania To Shore Up Reelection | Talking Points Memo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s campaign has grown increasingly focused on making inroads in Pennsylvania to offset potential vulnerabilities in other battlegrounds.

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"Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure." – Mark Twain


Apparently Pennsylvania is the new Florida. I am bone tired of our future being decided by a few schizophrenic states.

Nullify the EC.


Wake up, PA. You’re getting bamboozled. Again.


I drove through eastern PA two days ago. There was a Trump billboard of him humping the flag every few miles and not a single Biden billboard. The image the campaign chose makes him look like a deranged jackass ( which he is) but somehow that is supposed to let us know that he is “Keeping America Great“. I don’t know how effective billboards are but the absence of Biden billboards was disconcerting.


Smash him in the Debate, Joe.

For startrers.


Not all of us.
Hope I don’t have to live embarrassed for 4 more years.
If certain areas get out the vote we win.


I’m awake! I’m awake!

I’m trying with all my might to convince my neighbors and coworkers that they are getting bamboozled…but bamboozled people sometimes prefer being bamboozled.


I worry about PA.


There are large swaths of Pennsylvania where you can’t go 20 ft. without seeing some Trumpaganda… signs, billboards, MAGA hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers… the cult is well represented here, that’s for sure.

But those parts of the state aren’t where all the people live.

PA is probably gonna be closer than I would like, but if voter turnout is sky high there is no way Trump can win it. If he does, it will be because he succeeding in scaring enough people into staying home and/or getting mail-in ballots tossed.


The key to Pennsylvania and all other swing states is to see where Trump stands in the polls before voting. If he’s in the low 40s, he’ll lose by far more than the polling shows. Undecided voters typically swing against the incumbent.

The media — including TPM — want a close horse race. They get more eyeballs and clicks. While it’s politically useful for driving higher turnout than 2016 (and this favors Democrats), it’s probably a bit inaccurate to say the election is close. It’s not, and the only way Trump will win is by stealing it via a coup d’etat of one sort or the other (such as stopping the counting of votes or getting state legislatures to appoint electors nullifying the results).


Let me let a little sun come through.


I am not capable of commenting on PA. But I do know that an event will transpire which will help shore up non-Trump Cultists:

The upcoming Debate. What I have read about this Debate indicates to me that Trump has made a number of horrible decisions leading up to it.

Not to mention the worst record (by al least 10 different metrics) of any incumbent president
Not to mention an insistence on non-preparation
Not to mention the Trumpian whining he plans to use in explaining his upcoming debacle
Not to mention that Biden will treat this aftermath in a devastating follow-up in campaigning


Can’t Wait !


I just hope the media doesn’t continue to grade Trump on a curve in these debates. I remember in 2016 he got many good marks for simply speaking in one or two complete, coherent sentences.


Trump is going to perform as if he is at a rally, giving his supporters what they want, a TV show. Will he lose the debate? Yes. Will his voters think so? No.


Heard that before… not even close, I await the outcome and dread the shit that will occur for the next few months. Nothing good is coming even with a Biden win the Nation has been changed forever and I’m not so sure it can recover. There are just so many, who skunk in the shadows in the past, who have now been embolden with the help of asshole corporations that are in the greed market so don’t give a shit about the consequences.


Roger that. Trump cannot get beyond rally-friendly bellows to admiring cultists…none of whom will be cheering him at this Debate.

He is locked into a “herd mentality”** level of thought, forced to defend the worst presidency in American history.

** when that fucker answered a question saying “herd mentality” it was hilarious


I lived in PA for 25 years and it was reliably blue (I was in charge of the Kerry “victory party,” oy.). It shouldn’t be a swing state and I hope that this election starts their way back.


We are trying to animate our voters. Trump pissing on the Debate stage would do nothing to sway his voters. It’s a cult.