Trump Once Again Gives Russia A Pass After Massive Cyberattack | Talking Points Memo

WASHINGTON (AP) — Contradicting his secretary of state and other top officials, President Donald Trump on Saturday suggested without evidence that China — not Russia — may be behind the grave cyberattack against the United States and tried to minimized its impact.

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All this is normal for Trump and his maladministration but that is because it is typical: What is critical then is that it remain abnormal to us.


Surprise surprise

  1. Traitorous, redux. Deplorable.
  2. This, too, will motivate the Intel Boys/Girls to prove him so. Watch & see.
  3. Once again the Dems have to clean up egregious Repub Messes.

Hell, we all know it was really that 400-lb. kid on his bed.


[“The Cyber Hack is far greater in the Fake News Media than in actuality. I have been fully briefed and everything is well under control,” Trump tweeted.]

The reckoning is coming for this One.


Guess Fat Nixon doesn’t want to be extradited from Russia when he finally flees.


Putin’s cringing vassal, all the way to the end. Was ever there a more pathetically weak “strongman”?


Covid. Remember that one Donald?


Hopefully, Donnie’s woefully small bank accounts will be the first drained by the Russian hackers.


Officials told The Associated Press that hackers apparently infiltrated the state’s health care administration agency and others.

How handy for deSantis, who can now blame the Russians (Chinese?).


A critical point. In this, the GOP Congress is carrying about 90% of the load.

Without Moscow McConnell and his genocidal bunch, Trump would have been seen as loco many many moons ago.

It is a shame that historical reckonings do not happen for our convenience. What we have to do, what we MUST do is hold on for dear life, for the sake of the Republic our ancestors fought and died to preserve.

No two-bit thug is worth that.


" Trump’s lost before. This time’s different.


12/18/2020 07:13 PM EST

DOWNWARD SPIRAL? Donald Trump has never had a week like the week he just had. On the heels of the Supreme Court’s knock-back and the Electoral College’s knockout, some of his most reliable supporters — Mitch McConnell, Vladimir Putin, Newsmax — all acknowledged and affirmed the fact of the matter. Trump is a loser.

This is new territory for Trump, who over the course of a lifetime of professional and personal transgressions and failures has assembled a record of remarkable resilience, emerging all but unscathed from every one of his brushes with ruin.

“He’s never been in a situation in which he has lost in a way he can’t escape from,” Mary Trump, his niece and the author of the fiercely critical and hugely bestselling book about him and their family, told me the other day.

Consequently, he is manifestly out of sorts, say former close associates, longtime Trump watchers and mental health experts. It’s not just his odd behavior — the testy, tiny-desk session with the press, the stilted Medal of Freedom ceremony, the cut-short trip to the Army-Navy football game. In the month and a half since Election Day he has been seen and heard from relatively sparingly and sporadically. No-showing unexpectedly at a Christmas party and speaking mainly through his increasingly manic Twitter feed.

The only moment in his life that remotely compares to what’s happening right now is early 1990, when Trump was mired in a high-profile marital breakup and billions of dollars in debt. That spring, according to Vanity Fair, Trump ordered in burgers and fries and stayed up late in bed, staring at the ceiling. Sometimes, he paged through periodicals looking for his name.

But even when he was all but broke, he got to keep living in the penthouse of Trump Tower, the building that had made him famous. “He was always there in his castle,” Alan Marcus, Trump’s publicist later on in the ‘90s, told me.

This time, he’s getting evicted.

The combination of this unprecedented rebuke meeting an uncommonly vulnerable ego has people wondering if there is a chance that Trump’s unusual actions are evidence of something potentially more dire. Could he be on his way to a mental breakdown?

“No,” Sam Nunberg, the former political aide, said in a text. “No chance,” said Anthony Scaramucci, who very briefly and semi-famously was his top White House spokesperson.

But that’s not consensus . “His fragile ego has never been tested to this extent,” Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney, told me. “As each day ends, Trump knows he’s one day closer to legal and financial troubles. Accordingly, we will all see his behavior deteriorate until it progresses into a full mental breakdown.”

In the estimation of Bandy Lee, the forensic psychiatrist from Yale who’s spent the last four years trying to warn the world about Trump, it’s not something that could happen. It’s something that is happening, that’s been happening. “We’re at a stage now where his detachment from reality is pretty much complete and his symptoms are as severe as can be,” she said. She likened Trump to “a car without functioning brakes.” It can look for a long time like it’s fine, and keep going, faster and faster, even outracing other cars. “But at the bottom of the hill,” Lee said, “it always crashes.”


Владимир, я доставил для вас все, что мог, пожалуйста, не забудьте подписать мою визу и подготовить самолет в Мар-а-Лаго 20 января.

–Donald. J. Trump


This is the best from “the best and brightest”? God help us!



They have seen the intelligence reports. They know many things about this cuckoo’s egg of a pRezident that we can only guess at. And they cover for him. Why is that? Hmm, Senator Johnson, how about it?


Can this be put on a bumper-sticker?

People need to see this, especially the last paragraph


Just amazing. Republicans broke, tortured, and sacrificed everything about American public life and a million good people on the alter of Pinko Commie Collusion for nearly 50 years. Then, one of their newly adopted wingnut freaks (Chump) goes and opens the front door (and all the doors really) and let’s them walk right in to the highest office in the land, and gives away the entire game to the Russians.

And the Red-baiters, and Red Rubes have what to say about it? Crickets?

ETA: I guess it was closer to 70 years


Remember Beavis (or perhaps it was Butthead) bragging a number of years back that Crime Family Trump was just swimming in (laundered) Russian money.

It may well be that Donnie thinks that golden goose is going to keep on laying those eggs as long as he keeps on sucking up to Uncle Pootie…

Plus, too much of a reminder of Mueller Time.


It wAs likEly chinA oR IraN. PutiN anD TruMp arE besTies anD woulD nevEr do,anYthiNg to hurT ameriCa.