Trump Lost But, In Much Of The Country, Trumpism Did Not | Talking Points Memo

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump lost. But Trumpism did not.

It won in the parts of the country and with the voters whom Trump catered to over four years, constantly jabbing the hard edges of almost every contentious cultural issue into Red America, on the bet that fear and anger were a winning hand. It almost was.

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Thank you for reminding us that Both Sides.


Every Republican Presidency except Ike, ended in one type of disaster or another, going back to Hoover. The Democrat cleans it up, then we vote another Republican into office.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


I’m still heartbroken that almost half the electorate had the chance to experience the constant barrage of cruelty, greed, malign dishonesty, brazen incompetence and sheer meanness coming out of this White House, and did not recoil from it, but voted to re-hire it. I’m still trying to process that and move forward with it somehow. I grew up in the America that rebuilt Germany and Japan, put a man on the moon, attempted to expiate its sins in the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act of l964, etc., etc. That America is dead and gone. I can’t imagine any big, important national initiative coming together at this point in our national life, and that really saddens me.


He had no pithy slogan like “Hope and Change” when he was Obama’s running mate in 2008.

If Biden’s camp had just asked me I’d gladly have given them:
Vote for Joe so you can stop yelling at your phone, computer, or TV/
Vote for Joe so that there will be adults in charge and not a toddler in a perpetual tantrum.
Vote for Joe so that you can get a good night’s sleep.
Vote for Joe to Make America Better Again.


A small fu to Rahm Emanuel, can’t have an economy stupid if people keep dying. Can’t have an economy if we’re reliant on essential goods if they’re made overseas.


Step one for Biden is to come up with his own “Covid Recovery Bill” to be submitted by Pelosi and Schumer within a week — and then use McConnell’s refusal to move the bill to back the Democrats in the Georgia Senate runoffs…


As long as it is allowed to monopolize media and spread lies and hatred in the heartland Trumpism will always remain.


Trumpism is like toxic waste, it must be isolated and placed in cement in the underground, stored away forever.


But, for many people, those things just weren’t/aren’t a problem. Not at all. Especially, if the tradeoff is rampant, in-your-face-racism, they’re fine with it.


“Trumpism” is just the latest strain of traditional American right wing ranting. Obviously, the current version is left over from slavery and the Civil War. (Lincoln never really used enough military force to neutralize the Confederates, and then never had enough of a plan to disperse the remaining ones. And he didn’t disarm them.


Right. Because people voted for Trump and Republicans due to economic anxiety.

… while also gaining control over the virus and in not batting back Republican efforts to label them socialists.

I’m not sure “Socialist!” is such a damning charge going forward. No one under the age of 36 really remembers the Cold War or Reagan. The more frequently evil sociopaths like the GOP use “Socialist!” to characterize their opponents - i.e., the more the GOP associates “Socialist!” with opposition to their own rhetoric and policies - the better democratic socialism sounds to the under 40 demographic.

I’m not recommending that Democrats embrace the “socialist” label; but I think we should stop worrying about it so much.


Yesterday on NPR I heard a trump supporter say that he does not want to live in a communist country under the Democrats. Nothing he said made sense. His delusion was complete. I imagine many trump supporters want to keep the American Caste System so there is always someone beneath them.


By socialism do we mean government healthcare and affordable higher education and feeding the hungry and making sure everyone has an equal chance to succeed in life. Then I’m a Socialist.

Ware a mask and practice social distancing and wash your hands often.


That was only because the Bay of Pigs fiasco got pushed into the first weeks of the Kennedy administration. But it was planned much earlier.


Ike’s presidency ended in a recession too.


And those people will be squashed like bugs.

Over the last 4 years it has really come into focus that we are all not on the same page, and we probably never will be. And that’s not good, nor bad, it is what it is. We can and should be doing is working with those who believe in the ideal of a “more perfect union”.


As crazy as it sounds, I am already dreading a potential comeback by Trump in 2024! The way it is looking, the Senate will do all it can to make sure Biden fails so he will be the incumbent (or whoever is the Dem party candidate, even if not technically an incumbent) on whom the election will be a referendum. If you add such potential malcontents to the over 70 million current ‘fans’ of Trump, you can see why I am concerned! The only hope is that he will be indicted in New York by then at the very minimum and so it may have to be one of his children or the 2024 Republican ‘hopefuls’ who were quick to grovel the minute one of Trump’s sons sent out a tweet threatening them for not supporting their father’s baseless claims about vote counting that we may have to fear in 2024! Apologies for throwing cold water!


Rahm Emanuel as usual offering a GOP-lite assessment. I don’t mind moderate Democrats; after all it’s a centrist party. But is it going to take age and the Grim Reaper to clear the decks of these DLC trojan horses?

Foxism. There’s no such thing as Trumpism.