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On March 3, 1969 the Apollo 9 mission began with its successful launch into orbit from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This mission was part of NASA’s Apollo program and was the first flight of the full Apollo Spacecraft including the command and service module (CSM) and the lunar module (LM). During the ten-day mission, the three-man crew tested systems and procedures critical to the future Apollo 11 Moon landing.

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Such an innocent and hopeful time in our history.

Anyone know if Commander James A. McDivitt, David R. Scott and Russell L. Schweickart are still alive?

Dr. Werner von Barun

Nope, that’s Dr. Wernher von Braun, thankyewverymuch.

McDivitt died in 2022, the other two crew are alive.


Darned if the earth doesn’t look round in some of them pictures.

Brought us those nice bright colors. Made us think all the world was a sunny day.

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