Tinfoil hat time

Please tell me this is an irrational fear: that some bad actors (Russian-affiliated?) could conspire to get Trump out of the way by harming him and contriving to blame it on the Democrats. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.


What hasn’t the GOP blamed the Dem’s for? It’s what they do best so I’m sure they’ll use 45’s continued floundering against them.

“Because everyone was aware who the potential beneficiaries were, but nobody focused on the potential downside in terms of our international relationships. And I just think it was a ball dropped,” McConnell said. "I wish the President – and I hate to blame everything on him and I don’t – but it would have been helpful had…we had a discussion about this much earlier than the last week."


Donald Trump’s political career is based solely on irrational fear. So, buckle up.


It is well known among the tinfoil hatters that to protect your mind from the thought control waves the hat must be made of tin foil, not aluminum foil. Aluminum foil amplifies the waves. That’s why you cannot find real tin foil anymore.

Just try to find someone selling it, and if you do, what they charge for it, and whether it is pieces big enough for a hat!


Why worry about bad actors when Your Favorite Bad Actor swills Diet Coke and chows down on Big Macs and KFC?
He could have an incapacitating to lethal heart attack or stroke any time.
And then the conspiracy theorists will construct empires of paranoid fantasies.

And then they’ll say the “real” Trump is like Elvis post-1977, forever undead.

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So, go to the bookstore (if you can still find one) and browse the 'Political Thrillers" category and jot down their plots. They are all on the table, now.

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