Thursday’s Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Will Be Last Until July

The Jan. 6 Committee has rescheduled its upcoming hearings, with more to take place in July, panel Co-Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) told reporters on Wednesday.

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So much crime, so little time.


The question I had yesterday about what Arizona Rusty Bowers would do now that he’s seen how crass and criminal Republicans can be seems to have an answer:

A quote from today’s Guardian newspaper:

“If he is the nominee, if he was up against Biden, I’d vote for him again,” Bowers told the Associated Press in an interview. “Simply because what he did the first time, before Covid, was so good for the county. In my view it was great.


What amazes me is the breadth of Trump’s effort to steal the election. He just kept committing crimes and when thwarted moved on to a new criminal activity.


It’s how he “succeeded” in business. Pull out every stop until you exhaust the other side. If only he’d shown such motivation and initiative in, say, fighting Covid.

I’m wondering what the Committee is planning for the last hearing. And how great was Liz taunting Cippione?


For me, he scary part is 1) the number of Republican politicians actively engaged in the criminal scandal and 2) the number of Republican politicians looking the other way. Taken together, it is seems to be the entire party except for a few notable exceptions.


IOW, they’ve got things that now are impacting the whole wrap-up dedicated to trump himself back at the WH, possibly the Willard crew.

And need to pause and rework all that stuff about trump just sitting there doing nothing, because they finally know what he was doing during that time besides salivating over the tv coverage.


Waiting until July, if in fact new evidence is coming in, is fine with me. It will give the staff time to alphabetize the “pardon list,” which I imagine is pretty lengthy. One wouldn’t want to waste time sorting through hundreds of names just to find the one you think is most deserving of time in the slam.



July it is. That’s a lot of business days.

Until July
In July

I believe that most of us are hoping that the fervor of Trump’s criming is getting through to non-Cultists, at least.

Those excerpts of Trump’s phone call to Raff were ghastly…in the sense of mania to bend the will of an adult to conform to that of a guilty (very guilty) child.


Well, maybe not Rusty Bowers, but the testimony is at least making a little dent in Republican opinion. From an article in Raw Story,

Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) told CNN’s Manu Raju on Wednesday that after watching the panel’s public hearings he “will not be supporting” the former president in the 2024 Republican primary, if Trump announces he is running.

Bacon’s announcement came shortly after news broke that Arizona House speaker Rusty Bowers, who testified against Trump during Tuesday’s hearing and said the ex-president’s supporters threatened his family, said he would still vote for him if he won the GOP nomination.


In my opinion, this one wins the Internets today.


It’s certainly possible that they’re getting meaningful new material on Trump’s activities during the insurrection. But it’s also likely that they’re getting new materials on the things they’ve already addressed and want to present them without distracting from a full hearing on how Trump wanted the insurrection to succeed.

Besides, they’ve got a hit on their hands. They should milk it is as long as they can.


… who have, either explicitly or de facto been kicked out of the party, and maybe even censured.


Wasn’t there footage taken before January 6, 2021? There could be footage of that meeting in late December 2020, where MTG came out afterwards to talk to the press.


I think that’s it. The video clips will show that he was calling a bunch of people trying to take advantage of the violence to keep the pressure on Pence and Senators to delay or vote against certification. An additional smoking gun would be if he contacted those who had communications with the rioters to cheer them on, get status reports or engineer their efforts.


Which would be expected with real-life conspiracies I would note.

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Who doesn’t like a good cliffhanger?


Just strikes me that the new material must be either in conflict with something in the current scripts, or so illuminating as to change those things. Given the outstanding areas where we know there have been gaps, the biggest one that stands out is from Cheney’s opening statement, where she said that the wrap-up 7th hearing would note that trump sat around and did nothing while Rome burned.

Seems like particularly the documentary stuff may fill in that gap where we know where he was, that there were encounters with DaughterWife™ and Meadows, but no phone records and little else.

But boy oh boy if the documentary makers were in the room…


The Hearings are making a difference, a big difference. The ground is shifting and this a very good time to reassess and readjust. More hearings in July and August can accomplish a lot. I’ll bet the DOJ will have made moves and shown more of its cards in various courtrooms by then. I don’t expect miracles. But I feel the ground trembling under my feet. Good times.

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