These Are The Cuomo Allies Who Got To Jump The Line For COVID Testing

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), already swamped with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and coverups of COVID-19 nursing home deaths, finds himself in yet another scandal after reports by Times Union, the Washington Post, and the New York Times revealed that he’d used his position to secure priority COVID-19 testing for family members and political VIPs.

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But a but a but a Hillary’s emails.

That is this is the 3rd article I have read today from TPM, and therefore my third comment noting this bias problem, on the Governor of New York giving privilege to his family members, something I bet happens in every state by officials at all levels, but have read no recent article on Florida Governor Ron De’Santis selling vaccine to the highest bidder.


I got to ‘jump the line’ because I WENT TO THE HOSPITAL with other problems and they wanted to start ‘tracking’. So WTF? Should I be shamed??? C’mon.


It really hurts when it is one of our own. I have learned from this that there are not Democratic bullies and Republican bullies, but just bullies. m

By the way, the same thing goes for competence. In Pennsylvania Governor Wolf is blowing off the part of the state that elects Democrats statewide— the Philly suburbs. They are all led by Democrats and not only is he not engaging with them on vaccine distribution.Every news source in PA, including all of the major papers and the public interest oriented Spotlight PA which has replaced most papers’ Harrisburg bureaus, report that those counties, among the most populous in PA. are being severely shortchanged on vaccine. He is cutting the number of sites where vaccine would be available to 2 for all four counties. Elected Democratic officials will pay for this.

Reminds me of the way conservatives love to play media critic any time one of their own has been busted doing something shady.

We all know Ron DeSantis is scum. And there’s no shortage of articles about that. That doesn’t go one inch toward showing that Cuomo’s behavior here is okay.


Okay, so you went to the hospital, with other problems, and they wanted to test you, and you’re wondering if you should be shamed?

Sounds like no, no you should not.


If your brother used his political power to arrange for you to be tested at home, at the state’s expense, when testing resources were scarce. And if he arranged for the samples to be escorted to the lab by state police…well, still you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. You’re just a private citizen. You’re not the one abusing your power for private benefit.

But your brother? He’s got a lot to answer for. He’s got a duty to use the powers of his office to serve the public to which he’s answerable, not for his own private benefit.


This is now annoying. Leave Cuomo alone. When a lethal disease is ravaging the country, anyone with access to testing and/or vaccine would be callous not to assist their family.

This is nothing more than another hit job from State of NY Public Health department because Cuomo pissed them off not taking their advice in early days to shut down state. The first hit job was creating hullabaloo on how nursing homes & hospital deaths were reported.

Leave Cuomo alone.Media needs to Let the investigation probe sexual harassment allegations and stop adding wood to smoldering situation.

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You’re failing to distinguish one’s personal resources from the resources one holds in trust.

Suppose there’s a tsunami warning, and my family lives in the inundation zone. I know that in about half an hour they’re going to be underwater.

And suppose I’m a rich guy and I own a helicopter. I’ll send that helicopter to collect them and whisk them to safety, if I can. And that’s something I get to do. That’s my personal property, to be used as I see fit. I’ll save others too, if I can, but I’ve got a stronger duty to my family than I do to others.

But suppose instead that I’m the governor, and that there’s some state-owned helicopter that I’ve got the power to direct. As far as the use of that helicopter goes, my duty to the public is stronger than my duty to my family. Because that power isn’t my personal property. It was lent to me by the public, and they properly own it. I’d be stealing from them if I were to use it the way I’d use my own personal property. My duty is clear: I should use the powers of my office to help as many people as I can, as much as I can. But I mustn’t prioritize my own family or friends.


WHO, if given the opportunity…would not ‘take care’ of their family& themsleves, first…i know i would…this piling on of CUOMO is getting boring; I guess next we will read that he made his dog sleep on the floor…

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I understand he used his power as Governor to assist his family. I repeat helping family during pandemic is normal. I am not confusing personal vs state property. I am flat out stating, it is to be expected. I don’t find it egregious to assist family when there is a deadly disease ravaging the state.

Clearly, using state resources vs personal property can be an abuse of power in many scenarios, I just don’t find it to be so when thousands are dying.

The severity of the crisis makes it worse, not better.

Every single test kit that Cuomo diverted to one of his family members or cronies is a kit that was stolen from the New Yorker on whom it would otherwise have been used.

Your empathy is leading you astray here because you don’t know the name of the person who was robbed, and you do know the name of the person to whom the stolen goods were delivered, and so you’re seeing only the benefits and not the costs.


It made it worse not to help family. Our POV is different.

I see nothing as stolen nor greater costs vs benefits as it was for family.

You are addressing this as if it was something stolen, someone robbed whereas I see it as having been in position to help family & having done so.

There is no assertion that the test would have been more beneficial to the recipients had they not been family.

He has to be stopped.
He salivates for the power of higher office.

“Leave Brittany alone!”

The problem is that this:

  1. Comes on top of years of shady contracts he let in the state. The commission that was to look into that? Cuomo dissolved it.

  2. Keeping COVID patients in state-regulated nursing homes was a big policy blunder that cost lives.

  3. Coving up those deaths was not a blunder, it was conscious wrong-doing and arguably a crime.

  4. After years of Me Too, what he has been doing is inexcusable, both ethically and from the point of view that it proves he’s an arrogant jerk.

  5. “Everybody does it” with respect to using state resources on behalf of family and friends. Well, no. Elected officials are public servants, not absolute monarchs, and certainly not the Corleone family.

  6. Trump’s, or any other Republican’s behavior, does not excuse Cuomo’s behavior. That’s why Gillibrand and Schumer want him gone. Right now he’s a drag on Democrats, politically and every other way it is preferable if he is gone, quickly and cleanly, rather than dragging this out.

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Yes, he made his bed. Let him sleep in it.


Suppose I am your governor, and my sister is going broke, and I order a diversion of state funds to help her.

Would you excuse my behavior on account of my “having been in position to help family & having done so”?

I disagree with 1-6.

Cuomo dissolved a commission? La-dee-dah. Sounds like SOP when it comes to state contracts. NY is notorious for this type of political graft. It’s historical not Cuomo. The commission was the waste of state funds.

Patients being in nursing homes to keep hospital beds available was prudent & wise at the moment in time based on what was known. Patients were dying in droves in hospital as well. Or did you miss all the refridgerated trucks full of bodies.

Reporting deaths being in hospital vs nursing homes is not a crime. Nor is it significant to total mortality numbers as all deaths were reported not hidden. That’s the essential part. The rest is nursing home lobbyists protesting as it is not good marketing to have numerous nursing home deaths on record.

Cuomo is a well known lecher. He was elected Governor while exhibiting lecherous behavior all over state at social/political events. The voters in NY know this. The one person who reported “sexual harassment” was moved to different workplace. Not fired. Very appropriate employer respond in the age of #metoo.

Facilitating family & state officials receive test for a deadly disease ravaging the state is humane. Cuomo demonstrated same humanity to all NY residents by acquiring tests, PPE, ventilators, during pandemic. His leadership & humanity was outstanding. It would have been inhumane to exclude family & state officials because they were related to him or worked for him managing critical infrastructure, as MTA& Port Authority do.

Phuck Trump & Gillibrand!

You sound just like some MAGA type defending Trump.

Assuming what you said wasn’t snark consciously parodying a MAGA-ite defending Trump.

The line between conscious and unconscious snark is so thin these days . . .

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What is conscious snark?

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Iit so happens rich, powerful people do so frequently. NBA players had tests when there was ongoing shortage, they were being tested regularly. Again, money & power responding to life-threatening disease.

It was a pandemic. Deadly disease. I do not equate those circumstances to a broke sister getting funds. Yes, state resources were used, but it was a terribly time, death everywhere.
If your sister life was in jeopardy I would not have issue with you doing as much as possible for her to survive. It would be inhumane not to.