The Myths of the ‘Genius’ Behind Trump’s Reelection Campaign | Talking Points Memo

Brad Parscale has said he’s taking a relative pittance to run the president’s reelection operation. But as with much of what Parscale has claimed about his work and life, that’s not the full story. This is.

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That was a long article.
But I do believe that this proves evolution does exist.
A human being slowly turned into a weasel to become a trump lapdog for personal gain.


Hey, Brad, what about THIS?

“You’re FIRED!!!”

We warned you getting too close to Trump’s sphincter might have disastrous results.


PS: be sure and count all those pennies… keep a careful record, too. You will need it. I’d wager there are already two versions of the Trump campaign books…


I had to take a break. Basically, the man is a complete sham of an image.


And there it is, Parscale is the newer, more competent version of Trump. He’s also taller and thinner than Trump. Junior Trump better watch out, he can speak better than you, and he can do the “common touch” better than you.


My guess is, a year from now, Parscale will be laying on a dusty road somewhere with tire tracks from a Trump bus running up and down his back.

He is the fall guy, but he doesn’t realize it yet. Probably because he has zero experience in actual campaigning.

Yeah, that particular dynamic is what has doomed so many others in the past; assuming they are “family” or even tighter than family. I have very little doubt this idiot is going down the exact same path.


At that stage, most presidential nominees would already have dozens of experienced digital operatives on board. Clinton had more than a hundred. Trump had just one data staffer in New York and no data infrastructure.

And they had Wikileaks. And Putin’s army of hackers. I’m actually impressed by what Parscale was able to spin up, but let’s acknowledge that without the criminal foreign intervention they probably would have failed.


Don’t be. The “digital” success what almost entirely due to Russian division attacks on social media, combined and aided by Kushner’s secret data deal with Russia. As the article obliquely points out, Parscale was running a two bit web site for the campaign, that was problem prone almost from the beginning.

This article does, however, point out some very interesting things to keep an eye on going forward. Namely, that not only as Trump seized control of the RNC, he has done so, not to mainly help his campaign with field and data work, but to suppress data from rest of the GOP that might be unflattering.

In essence, the GOP will not have any national infrastructure in 2020…a year in which they have 26 Senate seats to defend.

The second thing that stands out to me…is the piece you quoted combined with the constant bragging about how much money they are raising. Aiming for the biggest war chest in the history of incumbent Presidents, but spending nothing? With THIS President? Yeah, I think we all know what that is a formula for…MASSIVE stealing.


Kellyanne deliberately sneezes on Donald to divert his having a fist fight with Parscale early on in the campaign. LOL. The RNC is but a shell of its former self, not even updating its donors’ demographics because Trump is creating his own lists (using the RNC’s infrastructure) and all that info will be Trump family property they’ll sell in the future. On top of all that, today’s RNC is almost assuredly causing down-ballot GOPers to struggle because they are withholding key polling data from them – the poll results of just how unpopular Trump is in their districts.

The GOP and RNC are getting what they deserve.


He’s an opportunistic scammer and front man for the behind the scenes CA/RU operation.


A veritable self-made (cut-rate) P.T. Barnum (to the suckers named tRump)


The bigger they (think they are) the harder they fall.


A nice round of applause for Peter Elkind and Doris Burke, both of ProPublica. Great job on this article.


It’s the single thought I cling to concerning Blotus. That, and voting.

Very long, but excellent article. I’ve been wondering what the deal with Parscale was for a long time.


Mark my words. Brad will suffer a much worse fate than simply being fired by Trump. He will eventually suffer what Rick Wilson coined as ETTD, everything Trump touches dies. Only in Brad’s case it will take the form of an indictment first.


“Viking beard”? Nope, more like a pathetic Confederate war re-enactor chin slinky.


So, he’s a liar and a fraud, just like Tiny.

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lots of examples, yes

but there may be more to the Kushner- CA/RU learning curve
hoping for another long article on what seems to be a missing chapter…


Anyone in trumporbit (including trump) who claims genius status, especially of the stable kind, is bullshitting you.

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