The image of the new Hive

The new Hive looks like a scrabble game. I HATE scrabble! How about making the default icons a picture and not a letter?


Yeah, no Zs or Qs or would you get any points that way...failed scrabble

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It's one hour after you two posted and I see your avatars just like they used to be. Good for you. Mine is still missing, though the letter is now gone. It always seemed to be the first letter of your 'name' but I want my chickens back, please. I'm fairly sure they'll be back eventually...

Nope, now the letter is back. But yours are still good.

Correction: At each post your avatar is correct. But in the gray box above indicating who is participating in the discussion I see green box B and (different) green box S. Thus the topic has been rated BS

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11 minutes later and my 'avatar' letter is gone again. Over at the latest topic list I'm now a blank white box highlighted in a very pretty blue. Guess the pretty blue means I'm the latest to post. If I'm not the latest to post I'm represented by white space. Hovering over it will tell you who is represented.

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I have not seen your avatar or a letter for you today. Just a blank white box. Earlier when I posted it would be a letter even if the post above I made showed my just now (edit) it has an S...but if I leave this thread and go back it will be my avatar

have you tried to change your avatar? (then change it might work)

After all the chat, I have to post to see whether my avatar is still there. Here goes.

Nope, nothing but a "P". C'mon, Josh. Get it together!!!

Hey, while we're all focused on getting P'd on by @josh did anyone notice the mobile awesomeness unleashed by @woz?

-posted from my iPhone!!!

Yes, I can actually use the Hive from my phone. The preview looks right but the side I'm typing in is a little weird.

Still, these kinds of changes are always a bit bumpy. Boundary conditions are always interesting in mathematics and, by extension, computer programs. A change like they are implementing falls in that category.

I think they are on the right track. We just need a little patience (and to keep giving feedback).

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I had the same thing, but it was workable.

Happy for you. I'm in the no-mobility set...I have to sit at a desk in front of a PC. Improved functionality for those needing mobile awesomeness is probably worth some grousing from the rest of us. Even though my avatar is still a "P" or an empty white box I have confidence my chickens will return. Chickens will come home to roost one way or another.

Message from one of those folks who still does not have an avatar showing. It's been quite a while now @woz @Josh_M. Just want to make sure you are aware and chipping away at the problem.