The Gift of Prime

I went looking and could not find the link for this, but the search form turned it up. For those who wish to invite someone else into the Hive by paying for their membership the system now allows you to designate a recipient by name and email. Here is the link:


You have to pull the page down a bit to see the choice for gift subscription as opposed to credit subscription, which pays into a pool for randomly selected recipients.


I haven't heard from upstairs about placing a prominent link on the main page, and right now I can't find any link on the front page for subscribing.

In any case, I'm bumping for now.

All right, all right. It's probably going to be 2 crazy Bernie Bros who just got their wings so to speak. I cannot catch a break.

Are you talking about credit subscriptions, which are randomly granted? Gift subscriptions go to your designated recipient.

Yeah I did 2 credit, 0 gift. I really don't want my friends knowing what I'm doing here.


Many thanks for increasing the herd of cats.

Thank you! I've been looking for this! I want to give a prime subscription to a friend who is helping local Dems run for office.


Do you know anything more about the program to get younger people reading and involved? I forget now what Josh called it, but vaguely remember reading about it and thinking it was interesting and clever.

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Don't know anything to help on that. I forwarded your question to PubMike, but maybe send an email to Josh or TPMJoe.

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I just tried to buy a couple of gift subscriptions? I couldn't. I couldn't get the link to accept the cc charges because I'm not purchasing them for anyone specific. So I left the fields blank for Recipient name, recipient e-mail, etc.

Are you still doing that for prime? I'd buy a couple, if I could.

TPM undertook a major software overhaul, and I think the gift system got confused, as I tried to buy one and it took a few weeks to unpack the failure. That should be settled, but I think maybe it needs a recipient, because the system needs to send a confirmation email to the recipient including instructions. Unlikely it could stay on the shelf.

Contact Jackie at and see if you can do a special deal, or just get confirmation she has confidence in the system.