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RNC and Waxman Battle Over Right to Emails “In a new letter to the Republican National Committee, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman writes that the RNC has provided only minimal information regarding White House officials’ use of RNC e-mail accounts. Waxman reveals that the RNC’s response thus far has been to propose that any Congressional requests for emails be filtered through eight search terms, such as ‘political briefing,’ ‘Hatch Act,’ and ‘2008.’” (Think Progress) Meanwhile, the RNC maintains that they want to work with Congress, but refuse to make available their entire database. “We are drawing a line in the sand on this,” said a party executive. “For the first time, we are saying that we are not going to put up with this.” (USNews)Top Deputy Tells Wolfowitz to Step Down “A deputy to Paul Wolfowitz urged the World Bank chief on Wednesday to resign in the interests of the institution during a meeting of the bank’s management, sources who participated in the meeting said. The sources told Reuters that World Bank Managing Director Graeme Wheeler, a bank veteran named by Wolfowitz as one of his two deputies a year ago, raised the issue at a meeting of the bank’s vice presidents.” (Reuters) “Meanwhile, Wolfowitz said he had no plans to resign and that leaving “under the current circumstances” would not help the institution. Instead, he offered to change his management style and the “structure” of his office.” (Washington Post)

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