The 4 Biggest Unknowns In The Disciplinary Cases Against Capitol Police For Jan. 6 | Talking Points Memo

The U.S. Capitol Police’s response to the Jan. 6 Capitol attack has faced months of congressional investigations as well as an internal review, and the latter bore some news on Saturday: The department’s Office of Professional Responsibility has recommended that several officers be disciplined for their actions that day. 

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So: Something is happening, but we’re not completely certain as to how or why.

But now, some comic relief.

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That’s what the police force’s union wants to know, anyways. The union’s leader, Gus Papathanasiou, said in February that the investigations appeared to be “an attempt by U.S.C.P.’s upper management to divert the attention away from their significant leadership failures of Jan. 6.” And he struck the same chord on Sunday

I was wondering when we would hear from the police union.
And this may be the only time I would like to hear what he thinks the failure in the Capitol Police was.

But failure at the top doesn’t explain why cops were taking selfies, or wearing Trump caps.


There is too much secrecy surrounding this agency. It’s a damn police force, not the Secret Service or the CIA. I can understand keeping a few things related to Capitol security private, but there is no reason for us not to know why these officers were disciplined.

I don’t need to know their names, but I want to know what they did. And if it’s the kind of thing that would get any other police officer in a different agency fired on the spot instead of “disciplined.” Any malfeasance higher up the chain of command needs to be investigated too.

This USCP agency is getting massive public funding while acting like a special snowflake with no public accountability.


“Disciplinary cases” ???

These people are COPS who aided and abetted an insurrection. Why aren’t they already FIRED???


It were just lonely…and hopping mad about it.


To be completely honest, at the back of my mind, I suspect that there’s a fictional component to this story. Still …


Well, at least one of the trump-cap wearing ones did so in order to convince the crowd to let him through to rescue a fellow officer, so that one appears legit. And the selfies-taking ones were in areas which had been overrun by MAGA, so also quite reasonable that they may have felt that they weren’t in a position to do anything except try to de-escalate.

Unless they release more details, can’t say that the ones seen on camera are the ones who did anything wrong.


As a security entity the Capitol Police were woefully ill-prepared for January 6th. Probably for reasons beyond their control, and for reasons they were in control of. They were likely let down to one degree or another by our intelligence services, House and Senate leadership, their own command structure, and once things went to hell let down by all the other security forces that should have swiftly moved in to assist.

So now a few officers, possibly deserving, get blamed for problems. It’s telling apportioning responsibility for this FUBAR starts in the lower ranks, instead of at the top. But that’s a tradition that goes back hundreds of years I guess.


Shit rolls downhill.



Goopers supressing their own voters with talk of rigging. “Why bother voting if Trumpy politicos tell me it’s rigged?” Newsom has done a good job of tying the recall to national GOP craziness and assholery, not just in California. Still worried about Dem voter apathy, though.

Fortunately, this is not Trump in a national election with an electoral college. Nationwide polls were pretty close. California doesn’t have an electoral college, obviously.


I absolutely couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like it is a “protected agency”. What was their role in looking the other way? And now, what is their role in hiding the insurrectionists in their ranks? A little sunlight please.


Well, with “no” only polling 15% ahead of “yes”, I’m guessing by the time we wake up on Wednesday, Newsom is out and Elders is in…


If that holds true I guess the House January 6th committee report will say these officers are responsible for what happened that day.

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As I said, above. No EC in California. That’s why the Goopers are already pushing the voter fraud trope.



Oh, I’m just looking at that 15% lead and thinking that, once we apply the MAGA discount to the polling, that that’s way too close for comfort.

And yeah, it’ll be fraud all around if they do lose. That’s every election from here to eternity now.