Texas GOPers’ Border Cosplay Becomes Target For Violent Extremists And Grifters

A Tennessee man was arrested on gun charges late last week after the FBI alleged that he was scheming to violently attack immigrants and Border Patrol agents at the southern border.

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He hoped his attack would be just the beginning: He told the undercover FBI employee that he wanted to “stir up the hornet’s nest,” and inspire others. “What’s going to happen. What I hope happens. Is called a domino effect,” he said, according to court documents.

Charlie Manson wouldn’t have had it any other way.


That was also the stated motivation for Timothy McVeigh, but it had the opposite effect. The “militia” movement put its head down for a decade or so following Oklahoma City. It would be better not to require such a tragedy to force them back in their holes for another decade. (And even better if we can find a way to redirect or dissipate their misdirected anger.)


The dystopia that Trump and FOX have created appears to be a “destination”. How soon until someone creates a “Westworld” like “Librulville” where you can be verbally abusive in classes at Woke U, run electric Volvos off the road, and smear pig blood on non-Christian houses of worship?


GOP: Riling up the stupids since 1963.


These violent nutcases always think they are going to be the ones to start a “domino effect” that leads to some imagined “revolution.” Maybe they should experiment with getting a viral tweet going first and get some perspective before they commit to their fruitless felony crimes there is no coming back from.


“You must always be doing things and obviously succeeding. The hard part is to keep people always at the window because of the spectacle you put on for them. And you must do this for years.” ― Benito Mussolini


The events were planned by a man named Robert Agee, who is affiliated with Mike Flynn’s grifty “ReAwaken Tour,” and, according to Vice, speeches delivered at the various locations were reportedly “a soup of grievances, anti-government conspiracies, and dehumanizing language about migrants.” The activities undertaken by the smaller-than-expected group of demonstrators reportedly had a Christian nationalist bent, and some of those gathered were even baptized.

Speakers included Abbott, Rep. Keith Self (R-TX), Jan. 6 defendants and Mark McCloskey, one-half of the St. Louis gun couple who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters.

I get sick of saying it, but the overwhelming support of White Evangelicals for Donald “grab her by the…” Trump, proves that “values” in front of the word voter is and has always been code for race.


I guess Patricia McCloskey still can’t find her shoes, which is why Mark had to go to border alone this time.


The way he’s holding that gun in the picture – loaded, muzzle pointed at wife, finger near trigger – he clearly failed his NRA test, his subconscious is talking and it’s a wonder he didn’t ‘go it alone’ right then and there. Cripes.


Weird, isn’t it, that blowing up babies in a daycare doesn’t rally folks to your side?


Reading the Wiki on Mark McCloskey I didn’t realize that he went to Country Day School, a good private school here in St. Louis. Fun fact TX Rep. Jasmine Crockett went to Mary Institute-Country Day School 20 years behind McCloskey. So I guess it wasn’t McCloskey’s early education, he was born an A-H.


House GOP fails to impeach Mayorkas

the goobers did it to themselves
The right wing writes a border bill
Negotiations with dems
Bill fails
House goobers look for a scape goat and go after Mayorkas with impeachment.
That fails
So mebbe stand alone aid to Ukraine?


They’re a rich embarrassment.
Now, if they’d just forego the powers of governing.


Let the democrats play adults and get stuff done


Which is, thankfully, a lot more than the reactionaries seem to be able to do.


The GOP should be ashamed of themselves, but they don’t have a sense of shame, so they’re not shamed even though they should feel ashamed because they do shameful things…


If Governor One-Star of Texas really meant it, he should arrogate unto himself the enforcement of American Labor law. Immediately and summarily revoke every business license and permit, and seize all the assets of every American business that violates American labor law by employing anyone who isn’t legally entitled to work in the United States.


“Remember The Alamo”, will soon be replaced with “Remember the Slaughter at the Border”.
Huston will be renamed Fayeton.

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Sam Houston was a dick too.