Talk to Your Doctor, The Drinking Game

A little experiment as we move forward with political season. I won't hide my intent because it is pretty straight-forward. As you are watching debates or any political coverage (if you watch on TV, for example CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc). Start paying more attention to whom is advertising during the commercials. I am curious, as a thought, experiment, how many times you would be forced to drink a beer every time you heard the phrase "Talk to your Doctor Today about .. xxxx"

No, I am not actually asking you to drink every time you are asked to talk to your doctor, but I am curious to see how much money the pharmaceutical industry is sinking into advertising during the political season. This is obviously not scientific, but more of a curiosity of mine since I would have likely been arrested for a DWI had I gone for a drive after pretty much all of the previous cable TV debates.