Senate Dems Submit FOIA Request To DOJ To Get Info On Ukraine, Efforts To Probe Biden

A handful of Senate Democrats used a public records request law to try to compel the Justice Department to give Congress information about its interactions with Ukraine and the White House’s efforts to probe President Trump’s political rival, the Hill was first to report.

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Good luck with that…Coverup Gen Barr could:

  • Just do nothing (like what Klobuchar uncovered - that DOJ under Barr violated a 42-year-old agreement to share information about campaign finance-related legal matters with the FEC, covered up WB complaint)


  • Just write letters of summary of summary to COVERUP his involvement and his Orange Co-Conspirator’s UNLAWFUL actions!

BTW, why is Coverup Gen Barr NOT Yet recused?


Since we already know what’s gonna happen with that request, how about considering this instead?


Sure. Let Republicans shut down the government just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the New Year. I think the GOP grossly overestimates the degree of their support among rank and file Republicans. Being a conservative is one thing. Being an exposed criminal in charge of this country’s affairs is something completely different. At this point, the GOP is playing with fire, and it’s their house that’s gonna burn.



Remember the last time Trump caused a government shutdown? That did not end up being very good politically for him. Maybe he thinks this time will be different or maybe his rapidly degenerating brain does not remember that far back. Either way, I hope he tries it and gets quickly smacked down.


Like @ldcolton, I don’t think it will work out the way Spankee thinks it would. It’s too damned transparent.

You know, like firing Comey or releasing the UKR telephone call or picking Doral for G7 summit or, oh, heck, any number of misjudgments.

But, hey, let him try.


Won’t achieve the stated intention but could still work in other ways.


Be good time to cut DOJ’s funding for some reason. maybe transfer all funds to US marshall’s


That trick never works.


I agree with you and @lizzymom–I’m interested in how the GOP responds. Trump is delusional enough to think it’ll work politically, and who knows how out-of-control he’ll be in a month.


I think this is actually a very smart move; if they do respond, we get some actual documentation. If they refuse (as I expect they will)? Just another piece of evidence of coverup and attempts at stopping the investigation. Works for me.


Government shutdown during the holidays has a good chance of sending the economy into a recession. A normal, sane adminstration would never risk that going into an election year. Which means that’s exactly what Trump is likely to do.

Start stuffing your money mattresses people, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Just a salvo, but a smart one, methinks. Hiding info is an assault on Freedom. Even the Foxers get that symbolism.


Congress has to resort to an FOIA request? That’s just weird. These requests can be, and often are, blocked for years, and once fulfilled can arrive with pages and pages blacked out. I would guess that a formal inquiry from another branch of government, which also will be blocked initially, nonetheless is more likely to get the real goods.


Been saying that for a year. Gets uglier and stupider by the day, sometimes hour.

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SeNate Republicans ShouLd do impeaChment on BideN for his shaDey deaLings and SeE how libtarDs like it !


These times make Bengazi seem quaint. And you are cute.