Sen Republicans’ Special Interest-Fueled Obstruction Delayed The Inevitable

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The Republican playbook:

When the Democrats are in charge just set fire to everything you can then blame the Democrats for allowing all of the fires. The sad truth is, this usually works for them.


If the Repubs cannot obstruct they cannot do anything except attempt to destroy our rights.


The GQP is the political equivalent of a bowel obstruction.

Full of shit.


The reason everything Republicans do against Biden fails is because we just went through four years dealing with a rabid carnival barker who set himself on fire multiple times a day. Most Americans are exhausted of politics and every time Republicans scream “Fire” it only makes them look worse.

I called it before the election: The attacks on Sleepy Joe only helped him. We WANT boring. That’s why conservatives are gnashing their teeth that Chauvin was convicted, because they were hoping for riots they could pin on Democrats. Their most effective pitch last year was that a Biden presidency would suffer all the problems we had under Trump. Now they’ve got nothing and still haven’t noticed.


Got Nothing OBSTRUCT…


They will fund raise off the horror of this unstoppable onslaught of socialism and scary others in charge and try to Tea Party astro-turf their way back into control in 2022.

But unlike 2010, their scheme is now half-Koch’d and everybody is expecting it…


Thanks your for this summary. Now I would like to see the Dem Senate weaponize this to increase their majority. Mitch isn’t stupid, he’s protecting those up for reelection by having safe idiots like Coryn lead the hypocritical charge (and keep donors happy).


You have to realize, just as the majority of Democrats are “useful idiots” (to quote Lenin) for the looney left, the Republicans are traitors and tools of big business. None of either party are worth a shit. This is why our democratic republic is doomed to slowly wither away.



They’ve got cancel culture and voter fraud protection bills, which certainly don’t go well together. They seem willing to tilt at windmills in the meantime. The windmills are winning.


Less than completely tenacious D.

Biden, unlike Trump, had nominees worth consideration and won’t end up with unfilled posts for years because people actually want to work for the WH again.


Yeah, a pox on both their houses. Because Democrats and Republicans are just the same, Trump is the same as Biden, Hillary Clinton was as bad as Trump and even worse because of something something emails, Al Gore was the same as George W Bush…

Thinking is hard.


The Republicans on the legislative side were just working with the Republicans on the executive side. Donald pretended that he didn’t really lose the election (and continues on even today) so they didn’t do any of the things that normal administrations do to transition to the next administration. It was part of maintaining the bluff, always the important thing for Trump and company, not the actual running of the government or what’s good for the people, country, or world.

It’s the other side of what happened when they started: Obama’s departments all prepared briefing books, presentations and tours for the incoming Trump people, who usually didn’t bother even turning up for a long time and then ignored all of it, tossing the briefing books in the trash.


Honestly, I’m so f’ing tired of lazy thinking, both by the false-equivalence media and by dull-witted sheeple who can’t be bothered to vote, but then can’t understand why the Dems have truble effecting meaningful change.


They have zero policy goals other than power and obstruction of anything Democrats propose.


Fck the GQP.