Schiff: House Intel Preparing To Hand Off Impeachment To Judiciary Committee | Talking Points Memo

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Monday that his committee was preparing to hand off the impeachment proceedings to the House Judiciary Committee.

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Move on investigating Moscow Mitch and Nunes.


If other witnesses seek to show the same patriotism and courage of their colleagues and deputies and decide to obey their duty to the country over fealty to the President, we are prepared to hear from them.

Those who had the courage and patriotism to put country over politics have come forward. Those who are waiting for a court to tell them they have to are cowards and history will remember them as such.


I trust those of us who quiver at the prospect that lack of support from across the aisle will mean no votes from the Republican base in 2020 if we go forward will think on this statement. I’d rather go down fighting for the right than give in to the corruption that has been/is terrorizing our democracy.


No disrespect to Nadler at all, but how I wish we would loan Schiff to Judiciary.

ETA: Oh, hell. Republicans have not only Jordan and Ratcliffe, but also Gohmert and Gaetz. It’s going to be a game of who can be the most stupid.


Good. Let’s get on with it and force the public display of political cowardice by the fascistgop. Let’s force them to publicly condone the corruption and criminality of their Chosen One.

It’ll be great theater leading into an election year.


Nadler but I take your point. Nadler just isn’t as quick on the gavel nor does he speak with the same ease that Schiff does.


Yeah, I’m kind of thinking the same thing. I think Nadler is smart and professional, but he has played along with BS in the past (his questioning of the big dick toilet salesman comes to mind). I really hope someone is advising him to take a tougher stance.


It’s good they will continue investigating, and through this committee…Schiff and company have shown that they know how to dig out information, and hold witnesses accountable to the facts. I don’t know if Judiciary will be as good as Intelligence, but hopefully they continue the process in the same way, and any hearings dig deeper into what is still not known.

I guess this will probably mean we miss out on watching the Democrats and witnesses call out Nunes to his face for being part of the Trump machine trying to generate interference in 2020…that would be amazing TV to watch.


Sorry, typo. Made the correction. Thanks!


Opposition to democracy now is religious fervour combined with a political cult. It’s going to be hard to beat that combination because FACTS mean nothing to fanatics.


So how soon before Gym Jordan and Mattress Gaetz try to crash the Judiciary Committee?


Good news! They won’t crash the Judiciary Committee.
Bad news! It’s because they are on it.


Will the Judiciary Committee be able to have Daniel Goldman as their council to ask questions?


They might not let a little thing like that get in the way of their cunning plan.


Well, at least there won’t be any more public witness hearings there, right? I’m guessing that Pelosi will prod Nadler so he doesn’t drag it out with his plodding style of crossing every “T” and dotting every “I” for the sake of completeness. The articles of impeachment need to be short, clear, and easily understood by the public. Trust in Speaker Pelosi to keep things moving.


Darn, I was hoping for more squeals of outrage from them for not being invited to the Impeachment Prom.


It’s corrosive to the rule of law that potential witnesses who ignored their duty to testify without consequence, but nowhere near as corrosive as the orange menace himself. They are criming many times faster than the House is able to investigate, so it’s not as if the task can ever be truly complete. The central crime is crystal clear; we may as well get on with it.


At least ranking member Doug Collins isn’t quite as insufferable as Devin Nunes.


Schiff to slackers:

“We don’t need you, but we know who and where you are.”

Schiff to patriots: