Sasse Says GOP Needs To Offer More Than Trumpism

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), one of the seven Republican senators who voted to convict ex-President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial, asserted on Tuesday that the GOP needs to move past the former president in the wake of Trump supporters’ deadly assault on the Capitol last month — even though the party has shown little interest in doing so.

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As @irasdad might say, Ben Sasse is the Susan Collins of Jeff Flakes.


Sasse told NPR that the GOP “surely appears” to still be the party of Trump “if you look at polling in the short-term.”

Sasse puts on his Captain Obvious costume for the day. Too bad its a day late and dollar short.


How 'bout “Sassy” Trumpism?


Really putting yourself out there, aren’t you Ben?


Screw Ben Sasse, I’ve got a trickle of water!

besides leaving the tap on, what now?


What policies have the conservatives ever offered and actually delivered that benefit the majority of the American people?

Oh, right. They’ve not been interested in the majority, have they.

Sorry, Ben. You’ll have to do better than that.


It is now the party of trump.

The Repugs’ struggle reminds me of the guy who was chasing a huge feral hog he had shot. The wounded beast ran into guy’s shack, wedged itself into the tiny kitchen then fell dead. He used a chainsaw to disassemble the hog to get it out of the kitchen.

Stihl makes a good saw, Ben.


Ok, my 3 days of not hating Ben Sasse are now over.


“I think we should get more votes”.

Holy shit, I should be a political consultant. Or a Senator. I have just as many concrete plans as ol’ Ben Sasse.


You can collect and use the water.


Trump is not the cause, Trump is the symptom of a party beholden to Christian nationalism and white supremacy. Dropping Trump without dropping these aspects won’t change anything, and it’s not clear that the Republican party is interested in doing that. Parts of it are completely happy with these unAmerican policies, and the entire point is to create a Christian theocracy incompatible with the Constitution.

Until the Republican party breaks with these positions, it will remain a danger to the nation…we’ll see more events like the Capitol insurrection, more moves towards an open religious war, and more pain and suffering. The only cure is to make sure Republicans who support this are turned out of office, and the party doesn’t get enough of a hold on power until it has purged those elements and returns to a party that believes in a conservative version of our nation instead of overthrowing it to install their own dictatorship.


“Sasse told NPR that the GOP ‘surely appears’ to still be the party of Trump ‘if you look at polling in the short-term’.”

Stormy: “Trust me, Trump’s ‘polling’ is definitely ‘short-term’.”


Well duh, but how do I get my water heater to fill?

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I was thinking more along the lines of drowning it in the bathtub


I have to admit being Caucasian is a pretty sweet gig. Almost as good as being a house cat.


the GOP needs to move past the former president

LOL. White nationalists need to move past white power, Klan members need to move past robes and burning crosses, and automobiles need to move past wheels and engines.


Energetic Trumpers who are attached to someone they consider a near deity are not going to follow Ben Sasse.

Sasse actually has an ally: Donald Trump.

I do not see Trump as capable of doing much more than responding to criminal and civil charges. He may try to evoke the old POTUS days, but he is now bereft of all the Presidential Toys he happily abused.


If Sasse really wants to prevent Trump and his ilk from winning again, he should support the update Voting Rights act, push to end gerrymandering, and have a national vote count for President. If everyone gets to vote and have it count, Trumpists will never win again. Then conservatives will have to focus on these things the reality based community refers to as ‘ideas’ and ‘policies’ instead of conspiracy theories and blind allegiance. May not be in their wheelhouse though…


I think it’s important to give a frank assessment of where the party of Lincoln and Reagan is right now,” Sasse said.

I wish they would stop saying this, because they are in no way the “party of Lincoln”, or even Reagan at this point.

A party that waves confederate flags, foments insurrection against the government, disobeys the Constitution, and engages in overt racism and xenophobia is the party of Jefferson Davis.