Sanders Says Coverage Of His Campaign Not Always ‘Fair’

I’m entitled to it and believe it wholeheartedly.

A Sanders first term would be WORSE than a Trump second term.

Nobody will EVER convince me otherwise.

I believe you.

And, I still think it’s a totally f*ck’d up position.

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And I consider it the only rational position to take.

I’ll skip to your “experts”

  1. Susan Bardo. There’s her excerpt of her book in the Guardian (The destruction of Hillary Clinton: sexism, Sanders and the millennial feminists) where she goes through a whole argument why young millennial women (Bernie Grrlz?) supported Sanders. She basically says they were bamboozled, or lied to, or didn’t have the benefit of going through the history of their older sisters. But never once does she mention the fact that much of the opposition to HRC among the young was because of her support of the Iraq War, which was well discussed before and during the primaries. That, and her imperialist and colonialist tendencies (e.g., Honduras,Haiti), or her ties to Wall Street seemed sufficient to reject her without having to be a sexist.
  2. I don’t know enough about Traister to comment, other than Clinton’s defeats have impelled her to write 2 books about them.
  3. Now Solnit has a point. Elizabeth Warren is held to a different standard then men on the “electability” standard. She is my second choice, and I wouldn’t be displeased if she becomes the nominee, as she’s fairly progressive. But Sanders has been progressive longer, so until he’s eliminated, I’ll stick with him.
  4. Ana Marsh is dishonest:

There is no economic populism without abortion rights and civil rights. No one can have economic justice if he or she doesn’t have fundamental rights. Yet Sanders has made it plain that abortion rights are negotiable and brushes off “identity politics.” He consistently argues that his values — and his alone — should define what it is to be progressive. (Which can’t help but remind one of Donald Trump’s unilateral defining of terms.)

  1. Since fucking when? He has an excellent pro-choice record. Meanwhile, the front runner:

Biden In 1974: Women Don’t Have Sole Right To Say What Should Happen To Their Bodies

And “identity politics” can be argued over. But if a candidate consistently votes on the right side of the rights of those different identities, it seems a bit obtuse to slag them over their use of terminology.

I’m not trying to shut anybody up. I just want you to tell the truth.

Oh, and a gem from Traister:

Sanders’s definition of what constitutes a progressive became even murkier when he suggested that the election of Heath Mello, who’s running for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska — and who as a state senator sponsored a 20-week abortion ban and mandatory ultrasounds for women seeking abortions — would represent a “shot across the board, that in a state like Nebraska a progressive Democrat can win.” Not to be outdone, Perez amplified the message that reproductive rights are negotiable for the Democratic Party. “If you demand fealty on every single issue,” Perez said, “then it’s a challenge. The Democratic Party platform acknowledges that we’re pro-choice, but there are communities, like some in Kansas, where people have a different position.”

So, I guess this is where “Sanders says reproductive rights are negotiable!” trope comes from. Tell me then, jcs; what do think of HRC choosing the “pro-life” Tim Kaine to be her running mate? Was the vice-presidency less important than mayorality of Omaha, Nebraska?

I should have added “and berners” to the sentence.

Then you are a complete idiot.

Damn nuances.
Funny you should mention my city where I was a volunteer and contributor for Heath Mello. News did not fairly report the compromise that prevented a harsher abortion law. Mr. Mello today-NU associate vice president and director of state relations and lobbyist. He is a capable administrator and loyal democrat.
Hillary Clinton never ever cast a vote to deregulate Wall Street, ever. She like Biden, Obama, Gora and numerous others were paid to give speeches, many time they were hired by corporations to do so. Hillary was hired to speak to a Goldman women initiative implemented by the the company to promote women financial careers. it was only an issue when done by a woman. Sanders so sexistly said"no one ever paid me to give a speech". Interpreted, how dare a woman get paid more than a man to give a speech. Hillary was far smarter and more capable.

I could go on but I prefer to stop here. To many women, myself included, Sanders is a misogynist and I think he was less than honest. Disingenuous at the very keast. It is my opinion and Sanders was fairly voted down, despite the obvious, Mueller verified, help from Russua that he has not yet condemned.

IOW “I know I am but what are you?”

I love David Ortiz as much as the next person who loves Baseball. But, maybe it is true. I don’t remember that particular quote. I remember some criticism he made of a player (HOF Kevin Youkilis, who was apparently above accountability in the Chicken Wings & Beer Clubhouse) that caused Dustin Pedroia to make some really arrogant asshole comments about Bobby V. Dustin Pedroia hasn’;t pulled his weight in almost 10 years and is still occupying a roster spot that someone else deserves. But players quit on seasons and situations. Bobby V didnt fit in that situation, but they needed someone to transition. I am no fan of Farrell either, who is from NJ near where my folks moved up from PR. Bobby V is not everyone’s cup of tea. But look at the abundance of assholes who are former players and managers doing TV commentary and tell me Bobby V is anywhere worse than middle of the pack. And the Yankees haven’t had a decent on air TV guy since Bill White left Channell 11 to be the NL President.

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What–You don’t like Michael Kay ?!? :wink:

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LOL, Common Dreams, Extreme Leftists who mirror the extreme right.

You should take a long hard look in the mirror, and then go learn some history to see who has been right about where are and how we got here. Maybe it is beyond your mental capacity, as would be expected with anyone that sets up such a ridiculous polemic as “extreme left” (there is no such thing) is the same as “extreme right”.
I think I figured it out, is that you BillO? Not much to do anymore?

One of the great mysteries of the Universe. Michael Kay’s reason for having such a huge ego, and the SNY’s reason for giving him a talk show which has become almost the equivalent of a Merv Griffin or David Frost interview show. I think Michael Kay, like Rudy Giuliani, owes whatever reputation he has to the contrast with GWB/ the most assholic, idiotic, annoying, trite, totally affected and DUMB, John Sterling. Like I said, after Bill White, a long line of Bozos.

So you’re not a HUGE fan :wink:

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Jeebus, jcs. “Interpreted” to fit your agenda, I suggest. He said “No one ever paid me”, not “I never got paid that much.” Sanders certainly never would give private speeches to Wall Street types. Why, in dog’s name, do you assume he’s pointing out her speeches because HRC’s a woman? Just because he happens to be running against a woman?
It reminds me of when Yamiche Alcindor asked Sanders if it was sexist that he stayed in the race against Clinton. There is so much real sexism in the world, it seems unnecessary to insert it when a more simple explanation would do, e.g., “politics”.

Bernie bros all have the same schtick. Sanders would be worse than Trump, you’re just fooling yourself.


Borrowing a phrase from the master of words, " Younhave nomidea how profoundly misogynist you are".

With that, stop badgering me.