Roger Stone Requests New Trial Amid Presidential Meddling Scandal | Talking Points Memo

“The whole world is about three drinks behind”.

-----Humphrey Bogart


This cartoon is worthy of Thomas Nast.


Oh hell, kovie, don’t get me started. “Liberals” = “sissies” don’t ya know. And if you “don’t work with your hands” you’re even a bigger sissy. And college grads “think they’re better than other people”.


This is for Matt, not discobot: Matt, a woman is a confidante, with an e; a man is a confidant, no e. This supersecret information can be found in the dictionary.


cross posting from WaR thread:

“He’s like an unfettered fascist Godzilla stomping on democracy right now. It’s fucking gut wrenching.”

Luckovich clearly a reader here.



Especially since it’s never been needed more. :tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink:


The day after Election Day, whomever wins, the Don will play Oprah - “A pardon for you, a pardon for you, a pardon for everybody.” Except for Michael Cohen.

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That’s what I thought. Is this another request?

Yeah, real men drink cow piss and learn to like it!

And I still want a pony.

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Early days were way before she was on it. Back then Tucker Carlson had his own show there. Ech. I think he was the first host to have her on as a guest.

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Over the past year, I’ve occasionally checked back to this, Olbermann’s last “Resistance” commentary. Until recently, I really believed that he was correct - that there was no way Trump would finish out his term. It seemed like a good idea at the time…


American Gestapo hunting for certain despised ethnic groups.


How to you come to that conclusion?

He has four brand new openings to fill with cronies who pledge him fealty.

Go back and listen to her early, early days on Air America Radio. She had LOTS of rough edges in those days.

I’ll spot her that tic, just out of respect for how far she has come in such a short amount of time. Also, “I mean” becomes a bit of a legal CYA for someone in her role…every time she uses it, the following sentence is editoralizing.

Not sure that’s where it comes from, but it wouldn’t surprise me that she drilled that phrase into her head based on that reason.


You know that goats are the 21st century thing now?

Kinda curious why this hasn’t gotten any attention here on TPM:

How did they get away with doing that? The judge should reject the filing on that ground alone.

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Why waste time on a new trial when Trump clearly is going to pardon him?

I do get her passion for fly fishing, even a nice little gun for target practice (I have a S&W 38 Chief’s Special myself.) But, never an AR-15. Just, NO. I have too many murderous thoughts.