Republican "Ideas"

There are no Republican ideas. There is no ideology. It is about power; either the power of holding office or the power of elites to manipulate the system. Flint's water is not just about race; it is about the new water company and the manipulation of the government in support of cronies.
In a very different community (wealthy, suburban), Porter Ranch, in the Los Angeles area of CA, the gas leak has driven people from their homes and the gas utility is now being sued for its assault on the air quality. The utility has gotten away with this by manipulating rules and by controlling the rule making process.

There is no way it would require so much time to cap the well if full resources utilized.

Yes, Flint is far worse. Yes, the suspension of local democracy is an outrage. Yes, it is racist. But the notion that being middle class (which is being destroyed) or even well off protects one is a false.