Reprised: A place to post when you can’t stand it any longer, but don’t want to feed the trolls" Post here

Pilgrim, at times do you feel compelled to respond to a troll here at TPM but do not want to disrupt the thread, feed the troll or receive a trollish reply to your post?

Well take comfort in knowing that you're not alone. There are times when we all are driven to call out intellectual dishonesty, boorish commentary, utter horseshit and feel that uncontrollable to urge to put a torch to the straw-man.

So take a deep breath friend, this topic is a place for you to get it off your chest and lighten your time on the Innertubes.

Post your comment here and watch that troll eventually dry up and blow away bless it's little heart. :pray:


Okay. I'll bite...but this isn't directed at the target you're painting.

Yeah...kinda therapeutic.

But dammit!

My bottle never stays full like his does :sob:

It's for posting anything you want whenever you feel like posting it. If it's a reply to another person that you want to deep six here then so be it.

1 Like're not Superman.

I get that. I'm just tired of the non-stop Festivus thread.

Oh doesn't the day seem long
when nothing goes right and nothing goes wrong
and isn't the day a little flat
with nothing whatever to grumble at


That's an obscure reference but my Dad and my great aunt used to pull it out from time to time to chide us.

My grandmother did the same.



More here:

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"I've got a little list, and they'll none of them be missed."

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Does this post get paired with this one?

Mom used to say "that will be a good miss" when something she didn't like went away.

When you vote for a guy because of his sociopathic behavior, you get a sociopath.

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