Reports: Bolton Has Landed A Million-Dollar Book Deal | Talking Points Memo

“Nice book deal you’ve got there. Sure is a shame you’ll be spending it on lawyers.”



Relax people…

It’s a coloring book.

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He was counting on Schiff to help with marketing. No.


Why do would anyone want a rubber doll?

Start a Kickstarter campaign and pay him $4 million to come clean now.

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At least he’ll get to keep the hat.



Which one of them has taken the title “My struggle”?


NAH… because the GOP noise machine will buy all the books, just like they are doing for Jr.

Good news people…

Rep. Peter T. King, a 14-term Republican congressman from New York, announces retirement

Finally, this GOP moron, excuse-maker and apologist is hanging it up.


Trump has not invoked executive privilege (yet).

Instead, the administration people have been invoking a made up theory, that essentially says the Executive Branch can’t be investigated by Congress or anybody else. This theory, as far as I can tell, has literally no grounding or basis in the Constitution…its been created out of thin air with just a slight wink to an untested theory that a President can’t be indicted for criminal charges while in office.

Bizarrely, even though the House is looking to sidestep the matter and avoid getting the impeachment inquiry bogged down in the courts…Administration lawyers are still looking to push this theory to the courts.

This theory will die an ugly death if it does get to SCOTUS. Its far too overarching, has no Constitutional basis or arguments (indeed, it literally argues against the notion of Congressional oversight), and even a conservative SCOTUS isn’t going to rule that the Executive Branch is immune to any and all oversight…because they know that republicans won’t be the only ones residing in the White House.


There’s no way Bolton is going to testify in Congress - not because of Trump but because he despises Democrats and liberals even more than he despises Trump. I’m pretty sure there’s no one he actually likes, just degrees of despising. Real sourpuss.

The only way to get him into a Congressional hearing room would be carried in hand-cuffed and duct-taped to a chair, kicking an screaming all the way.

Let’s do it.

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Bolton will come clean if there’s something in it for him. So, he’ll delay until the book comes out,what with the bombshells he can lob. So, let’s all preorder the book so he’ll have the money guaranteed. Then he’ll talk.

Ha! Like I’m going to put money in this guy’s pocket.

Sooooo . . . he can write a tell-all but can’t testify without a trial court’s say-so. Hm.

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His book and the impeachment hearings might end up like the redacted Mueller report if that is ever unredacted, how different things might have turned out if we would have known at the time.

Jr’s book tour isn’t going over too well. He had to walk out of a book signing when his right wingers drowned him out with, “Q and A, Q and A!” when he refused to take questions from him. Even his wife/GF Gilfoyle couldn’t help him out.

Gilfoyle looks just like this.

A million dollar book deal ought to be reason to adjust one’s glasses. But then he can now afford to visit a decently skilled ophthalmologist who will look into his vision needs and any latent medical issues and then send Bolton to a skilled optometrist who can test and figure the proper strength for his lens needs in his glasses. More importantly this eye professional can find a pair of glasses the fit the poor man who is commonly seen adjusting his crappy glasses.

That is very disturbing.

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