Re: 5/31 Commenting System update

Hey guys... looks like the system is back online, but glitchy. So, here's a few quick punchiest items:

1.) Icons: old image is gone, and even though the site prompted me to load a new one, there's no way that I can see to do that.

2.) bookmarked (formerly "starred") threads: Prefer the star, but the real issue is that there seems to be no way to star/bookmark threads anymore.

Will add more if I discover any.

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Thanks for the feedback. We're working on resynchronizing the avatars. As for bookmarking, if you click the "…" (ellipses) icon next to "reply" you should see the bookmark icon. It's on my todo list to default that to being visible.

Cool. Glad they're coming back! But just noting too that on the profile/preferences page, I don't see any access to the avatars. So, even if I wanted to change it at some point, that functionality seems missing.

I don't see the three dots. Near the reply button I do see a bookmark feature, but that's for the individual post, not for the entire thread. It used to be there was a blank star by the name of the thread at the very top, and one could click the star, which would go gold. Now there seems to be no access point to the bookmarking the thread feature.

[edit: and indeed, there seems to be no way to screen for starred/bookmarked threads on the main Hive page, as there used to be.]

That is strange. I'll look into that!

I'm not sure if this is an intended "feature", but I noticed that when clicking on a users's profile, the profile information seems to contain the user's "real name". Is this intended?

Edit: I see that the name field in the profile section denotes "optional". Is the assumption that, if you enter your "full name", it will be displayed publicly?

Yes, there was a glitch we identified (or technically not a glitch but a setting that defaulted in an unexpected way). We've now flipped it back to The Hive default. Thanks for flagging this.

I'm not sure if this has changed or I never noticed it before, but "The Hive" page doesn't have a link back to TPM. I recall, maybe falsely, that the upper left corner had a TPM logo which was clickable to get back to the main site.


The like, flag, or bookmark icons have been inexplicably replaced by blank squares.

The same thing has happened to the info at the top right of the page.

And it is impossible to click on the "comment" button (and have it function) if there are not already comments on the thread.
This has been going on for some time, and doesn't seem related to the changes in the system.

And what is all this nonsense with badges?


What are you saying? Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!


I just looked at my user profile and my personal email address was listed. Does everyone see that?

I can see my address on my own profile, but cannot see yours on your profile page.

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I've tried to comment on that since it posted and the comments forum won't open.

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Yep. Icons are scrubbed.

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The icons just came back for me.

Same here. Squeaky wheel getting grease I guess.

whoa! gone again.

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A lot of the navigation images are missing, including the ellipse icon.

Would a screenshot help?

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Is there an explanation about the changes that have been made somewhere...whats new, whats changed, etc. I see there are "badges"? What are they?

We’re aware of issues with custom webfont loading. This will be resolved soon! Sorry for the inconvenience.

What about the basic icons under each comment?
What about the account info in the upper right corner?
Why will the comment module not open if there are no comments yet?
This has been going on for weeks and weeks.
Now none of the newer comment threads won't open.

Why did you make changes in the first place?