Rand Paul Argues Trump Has ‘Every Right’ To Freeze Military Aid To Ukraine

It’s that whole fake libertarian persona he’s cultivated that’s totally an act, especially at this point, that some people have fallen for. There are precious few genuinely sincere pols in congress and none are Repubs. Rand is one of those small guvmint types who don’t mind it growing a tad when it serves their needs. One wonders what Putin has on him and his racist dad.

How big of a failure do you have to be to publicly embarrass your father when your dad is Ron Paul?

I know that diverting funds appropriated by Congress for a specific project to another, such as monies designated for military schools and infrastructure used for the wall, is a felony. Not so sure on simply refusing to spend the money altogether.

The same thing a fresh pile of poop has on flies: nothing. They’re just irresistibly attracted to poop.

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Not really the same, except both are indeed shit-amenable. But, Putin has dirt on Aqua Buddha. Perhaps Trump has promised him a cabinet appointment if he wins, or McTurdle a committee chair if Repubs keep the senate. It’s probably a combination of these.

I actually liked and respected Paul during the Bush years for what I viewed as his genuine and principled stand on warrantless wiretaps and related matters. But he’s also a racist Bircher and otherwise a bit of a CT kook, like most libertarians.

A distinction without a difference in my book. It amply displays Sanders’ inability to get anything done, deciding instead to tilt at windmills and refuse solidarity on this national issue with EVERYONE in DC, except Rand Paul and Donald Trump!

Coalitions and progress have never been his sort of thing, Bernie ALWAYS has some reason for never just doing the right thing like everyone else. If one is delighted by such shenanigans, go for it, but my statement is still factual.


It’s the equivalence of not voting for the recognition of Amenian genocide because the resolution didn’t include other genocides.


Exactly. It’s a dodge which fools very few.


Here are two statements:

  1. X drove from Point A to Point B.

  2. X drove from Point A to Point B to Point C.

If both are factual, one is misleading.

Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was comparable to – amounted to nothing more than – this kind of historical “recognition”?

Different degrees, yes, but I think the logic is the same. Also, how come no Obama allies in Congress raised the concern? Not PURE enough I guess.


‘The department reportedly released the aid after White House lawyers found that Trump and the Office of Management and Budget could not legally delay it, a finding the lawyers had made earlier in 2019.’

I guess Rand Paul and White House lawyers aren’t on the same page here…

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Could this scenario really happen ?

You little Trump Humpin’ POS Rand. YES, the President can freeze aid to foreign countries but NOT BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO DIG UP DIRT ON A POLITICAL OPPONENT. Pull your lips off Donnie’s … whatevers. NOW.

But did Chuck Todd point out that in fact he did not have the right to withhold aid, and the State Dept and the Defense Department a legal analysis was so strong that they actually released $141 million anyway in defiance of OMB?

Scratch a Libertarian and they bleed Authoritarianism.

The withholding of money budgeted by Congress is itself illegal regardless of intent.

It’s a bit more complex than that, of course. Congress may pass laws and budgets that allow the Executive some amount of discretion in how to allocate funds among competing priorities. The administration can make an argument that the money is not needed (Congress may or may not buy it.)
But if Congress makes their intent plain and unambiguous, the executive MUST spend the money for the purpose Congress intends. You can thank Tricky Dick for that one… Holding on to the money intended for defense of an ally and not informing Congress (or State or DoD) while attempting to extort a political favor (making up dirt against the Bidens) adds to the crime.

That kinds of steps on the previous narrative being floated that Bolton ordered the release of funds. Color me not surprised that the initial story barely lasted the past Sunday. So, was somebody trying to backstab Bolton, was Bolton trying to steal some glory, or was this the usual flailing of the The Foot Shot gang?

An eye doctor who fails to understand that none are so blind as those who refuse to see. It’s a common affliction among the gop right now. I’m sure he’d be healing his peers if he were not so afflicted himself. Poor little guy… can’t see shit.