Problems resubscribing


I was a Prime subscriber, then I let it slide. After that I tried to sign up again. The robot said it was sending me an email, which I never got (@gmail). I tried that a couple of times.

Then I noticed that I seem to have full access to The Hive. I'm pretty sure I haven't been billed for anything new.

If I go to "account settings" and select "subscribe" on the left, I get a screen asking me to sign up. So parts of the system think I'm not signed up. But I do seem to have Prime access to The Hive.


I had the exact same issue. I emailed and they were pretty good about getting back to me.

It basically ended up with them having to manually charge the credit card information they had on file for me.

Hope this helps!


Not the same problem, but I wonder if the following was ever fixed.

I renewed my subscription at the end of December 2014. I noticed that the URL didn't use an https:// prefix when I was entering my credit card info, which always makes me nervous. Being a suspicious nerd, I used the debugger built into firefox to capture all http traffic. I thought perhaps through some javascript trickery the transaction would actually be done via https even though the URL wasn't https. Well, it seemed to be that the transaction was done via http, which means my credit card info went out as plaintext over the internet.

At the time I contacted tpm admins, but it was near new year and they said it was hard to believe, but I had the logs showing the naked http transactions. They said they'd get back to me. They never did.

Has any recent subscribed noticed if the credit card page is https or not?