Prime Content Available Elsewhere

I'm a Prime AF member for many reasons, not just exclusive content, so this does not bother me. However, while trying to locate a Josh Kovensky article about Manafort's pre-Trump history in the Ukraine (forgetting it was Prime content), I did a search using a paragraph I saved in a Word document (long story, don't ask), and the only result was an MSN reprint. I then double-checked TPM and found the original article, which was behind a Prime paywall.

I'm all for TPM finding ways to make more money and get its content out to a larger audience, but it is kind of puzzling to have original TPM content behind a paywall on the TPM site but freely available to the general public on other websites.


And both published the same day.

Ugh, this is an accident.

The gist of the story is thus: we have a licensing agreement with a company called NewsCred, that allows some media companies to republish our content. It seems the Prime stuff must have gotten on to that feed unintentionally. We'll get this fixed straight away.


Of course, I'm sorry that this is happening. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.