Pelosi Supports Potential Bernie Nom, Dismisses Idea Of Losing House Majority

On Wednesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she doesn’t think 2020 frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would put Democratic control of the House in jeopardy if he were to win the nomination.

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Madam Speaker, blink three times if you’re being held against your will.


What do reporters expect her to say? Wanna instigate a fight? Geez.


"…the senator’s deeply left-wing platform could alienate moderate voters and hinder the party’s efforts to keep the House and flip the Senate."

See, I keep hearing and reading this. The notion that anything ‘too far left’ will “Lose the center”. And I’m just not buying it. (I’m a Warren fan, but happy to vote Bernie. Better still a double ticket)

One could argue as easily - that some ‘centrist’ nominee cough Bloomberg/Biden - would just as easily LOSE the progressives. The assumption seems to be that true ‘lefties’ will vote blue no matter who - and those ‘true centrists’ IE unicorn independents - will need to be coddled at the expense of the left.

Joke 'em. I think it’s a false narrative.

They HAD a centrist Dem as President - Obama - and they voted for an outright pussy-grabbing fascist. They don’t really WANT a “Republican light” corporaDem to vote for.


This is exactly right. No way that Pelosi can say “bernie is death” she has to represent the entire caucus. Her answer was a counter balance to what Clyburn did today. Don’t think for a moment that it was not carefully planned out.

Pelosi knows who are her majority (40 folks, none of which are “progressives” - with one partial exception - who were elected in swing districts) but she is trying too keep OAC, etc on side while being able to say if a liberal (and Buttigieg, Biden, Klobacher are all liberals, not moderates) is the nominee that she did not put her finger on the scale to try to steal it from Bernie.


I hear Bernie prefers one of the Castro brothers as his running mate.


Prediction: soon they’ll go ask swing district Dems if they agree with Pelosi, and there’ll be articles about Dems in disarray. Enough materials to run for a few days.


Given her track record, I’d be hesitant to bet against her or the Democratic Party’s chances this cycle. With Mr. Sanders I’m not so sure but can you imagine what Mr. Trump would do, if he won of course, with a Democratic House and Senate? I think his head might explode.


Funny thing is that when you do one of “what candidate matches your views best” tests that you can find at the NYT or WAPO is that the scores for all those I have discussed the results with (admittedly a small sample) don’t really vary that much from the most-liked to the least liked. In other words, the rhetoric does not match the actual differences that exist and that when you look at the field with an objective lens, they ain’t that much to distinguish between the candidates when it comes to policy. Pelosi knows this…

As for M4A, I see this more as wedge issue for the pundits and a scare tactic. We all know that outside of a Bernie landslide, it ain’t happening…


Will we all have to learn to say “fake news,” or whatever the Democratic counterpart to that is, before this is all over?

Or just continue to be frustrated by the media’s need to create stories with chaos, clouds, and disarray, regardless of their accuracy?


Okay. So? And?


BTW, this will likely be an election that for the first time, the Progressive wing is going to “take for granted” the centrist vote just like for years the centrist wing always took the left-leaning wing for granted…

There is a lot more energy and hope on the progressive side this time round and that is what wins elections…


Her track record is always being the very last one to endorse, so I suggest reporters stop trying to get a name out of her mouth. And a Dem House and Dem Senate with ttump as president (which is an unlikely scenario) sounds fine to me. It means Dems are very likely to continue to win big in 2022 mid term. No president has escaped a midterm slaughter iirc, and Dems have a chance to get a big majority in Senate in 2022. The bottom line for me in 2020 is to keep the House and get at least 3 seats in Senate.


Raul? Or go just go for his old buddy Daniel Ortega.

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I dunno, won’t voters be concerned that Raúl is even older than Bernie?


we will win the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives

Change the Senate, change the world.


No shit. It’s her job to keep us together for all love.


Funny, I was just thinking that the exhumed corpse of Che Guevera would be a far more effective Secretary for HUD than the current occupant…


She is such a professional. Much respect.


There is absolutely no evidence to support this. First, the polling does not reflect the attacks that will be made on Bernie since the press and his opponents until this very week, Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes was the first to really do it, have not vetted him, and Second, the polling shows that Bernie looses the middle and only stays even with others (not do better than them) vs Trump is one assumes a huge youth turn out.

I suggest you read this very interesting deep dive on the issue:

And I might ad that in none of the three states to vote so far (IA, HN, NV) was there a “surge” of new voters. The Young are simply not coming out to vote for Bernie in any different numbers than in the past. If we were seeing a surge (to 2008 or higher levels) I would feel a lot better about Bernie, but all of the data so far suggests that Bernie is not bringing a lot of new voters into the process, let alone enough to compensate for those who will hold their noses and vote for Trump to avoid a communist (sorry, Trotskite, oh sorry again “democratic socialist” gotta get the term correct) in the white house bringing the Cuban and Venezuelan economy to your home town.