Pelosi Names First Director For Office Of Whistleblower Ombudsman

Agree. We need to know what the Ombudsman’s job description is, what are channels of communication between whistleblowers and Congress, how much power does this person have to protect whistleblowers from the likes of Rand Paul, et al.
Overall, it is a good thing.


OT, but I wonder what kind of whistleblowing is yet to come?

Wisdom light years beyond GOP Senate comprehension…

“While the defendant may have tried to hide behind legal terms and a suit and tie,” the statement said, “the jury clearly saw the defendant’s scheme for what it was – an old fashioned shakedown.”



Avenatti came out the box taking names and kicking Arse,how far he has fallen and how fast it happened.


Yes. At least it suggests that there’ll be some kind of conduit through which the House can organize, prioritize and act (re-act).

They seem to be trying to get in front of and block Trump’s way of icing those who would tell the truth about his actions.

There must be lots of people who have a wealth of information that would expose this tyrant.


I expect that this position was created to create a safe place for whistleblowers to file their complaints without having to worry about having their identities revealed. There should be a long line leading to this office, I hope.


This is at the bottom of why the moron attacked Soleimani. But did he stop to offer condolences to the family of the young man who died in Iraq. You know the answer.

It has been almost three weeks since Nawres Waleed Hamid, a naturalized citizen who grew up in Iraq, became the latest American to die in the United States’ nearly two-decade-long military entanglement in the Middle East. His death in a rocket attack in December in Kirkuk, where he was working as a translator for the American military, was quickly seized upon by President Trump, touching off a chain of events that for several days set the world on edge.

An Iran-backed militia was blamed for Mr. Hamid’s death, and President Trump responded by ordering the killing of a prominent Iranian general, prompting retaliatory missile strikes by Iran against American troops inside Iraq.


Hubris brings down another man who flew too close to the Sun.

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The reporting here doesn’t do justice to the fuller and longer story. People’s hopes are way up, always a good thing to bring to a new endeavor



…and in unrelated news, Barr has appointed an independent prosecutor to investigate the Director for Office of Whistleblower Ombudsman.


Nothing forced him to start dipping into client funds. Once that started he was like a gambler kiting checks to cover his losses.


Agreed, but to over-use a cliche: Buckle up buttercup, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Assuming the United States is still around (and still a Democracy) I suspect a whole bunch of new laws will be written and passed to codify in the U.S.C. what use to be accepted norms that were De facto but not De jure.

Until the election of the Con Man they were not needed…

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This is important as it establishes the Chief administrator over whistleblowers reports directly to Congress rather than going through the administration, thereby shortcircuiting any possibility of political interference except before full committees of Congress, which, if handled as publicly as possible, would serve the system well.




We need to issue every DOJ employee a really big, loud whistle. Let’s see, at about 110,000 employees, we’d need about 785 gross. Who’s putting in the order?

Seriously :crazy_face:

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I vote for a simple response: send a very public “Get Well Soon” card.


So, previously there was no mechanism for getting anonymous reports of abuse to the right places? Wait… … … this is supposed to be the planet’s leading government, not amateur hour.

What is title 53 reserved for?

“Title 53 is a work in progress intended at this time for Small Business matters but has not yet had legislation approved for it so at this time the legislation is reserved”

Congress = House and/or Senate?

“Title 53 is a work in progress intended at this time for Small Business matters but has not yet had legislation approved for it so at this time the legislation is reserved.”
… … … …

I’m sure my migraines would be worse if I had been a lawyer and had to spend time trying to figure out what that sentence meant.