Over 150,000 Signatures On Petition To Change Street In Front Of Trump Tower To ‘Obama Ave’


What a wonderful moment it will be!


This is New York.


New York City is an amazing, world class place to live and work. I love the place, but could do without the corruption. On the other hand, this is Merka and corruption is now our middle name.


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How can I sign?

If petitions were available nationally, there’d be millions of signatures.

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From your typing fingers to the Goddess’ eyeballs! :smile_cat:

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I’m still disappointed Proposition R failed in San Francisco in 2008.


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She sounds more like an average New Yorker. (Just watch ‘em in traffic.)


Oh please let this happen. Please.

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Current Occupant currently shitting bricks at the thought… LOL

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Wait a few months and rename it John McCain Parade.

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While I’m sure the former President would love to have a block named after him, he would probably prefer it not be done out of spite. However “John McCain Parade” or “Avenue of Hero John McCain” are fine ideas.

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Understand, I was offering only my own personal observation about NYC. I’ve visited many times over the decades and enjoyed many aspects of the city from the Village night life in the early 1960’s (saw Jerry Garcia and the Warlocks at the Cafe Waa before they became the Grateful Dead) to the great sky scrapers and tourist attractions there today. I’m a country kid and not a city dweller… I need to see wide open space and solitude. The deserts of Arizona fits me. I certainly am not saying others should think like me as that would be rude and presumptous of me and I don’t wanna go there.

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This guy has a good alternative:

Since NYC has many “Squares” (Times, Herald, Greeley, etc.), I would prefer to see only the east side of 5th Avenue between 56th and 57th Street renamed: President Barack Hussein Obama Square, and Trump Tower being officially designated “One President Barack Hussein Obama Square.” A prominent statue of President Obama on the sidewalk, with a plaque listing his major accomplishments, would add the finishing touch.


You need to read some Lincoln Steffens. And tell me where in the USA there is no corruption. And don’t tell me some mythical Fly Over Country Story.

What? They don’t play in the Street where you’re from?

You don’t have to be from NY or NYC to sign on.


I am advised that @discobot discobot already posted it, but I will post it again. For the Human Touch.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I said I could do without the corruption and that “corruption” is now our middle name. Different!

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Hello everyone,

More than 370,000 people have signed my petition to rename Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower. Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks President Barack H. Obama Avenue has a nice ring to it!

The news about this petition has made headlines everywhere from CNN to The New York Times to USA Today to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! This is all thanks to your support. It’s inspiring to see so many people who are sick of the corrupt troll in the Oval Office (when he’s not costing taxpayers millions of dollars while playing golf or heaping praise on foreign dictators). Thank you so much.

Can I ask a favor to keep the momentum going through the weekend?


  • If you’re on Twitter all you have to do is click https://ctt.ac/yVDr7 and tweet the message!
  • If you’re on Facebook just copy and paste this message: Trump is a bully and a troll. I’m one of over 370,000 people who signed the petition to rename Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower after President Barack H. Obama. Will it work? Maybe. Will it make you smile? Probably. Will it piss off a racist? Definitely. Sign here: MoveOn.org/ObamaAvenue
  • Email or text the link to your friends. MoveOn.org/ObamaAvenue

Thank you!


PS - Here’s a story from The Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/08/14/people-sign-petition-rename-fifth-ave-front-trump-tower-obama-avenue/