Oops! Fox News Uses Tina Fey Graphic In Sarah Palin Story | Talking Points Memo

No doubt 30 Rock‘s Tina Fey does a great impression of Sarah Palin. But surely she’s not such a dead ringer for the former Alaska governor and current One Nation bus touring non-candidate that she’d ever be confused for the real thing in a news story-and if, somehow, she was, you can bet it wouldn’t happen at Fox. I mean, she works there, so you’d assume they have a pretty good idea what the lady looks like. Right? Um, right? Oh boy. On Sunday, a story about Palin being “50-50″ on getting into the 2012 campaign included a graphic-featuring Tina Fey as Palin in an SNL skit from 2008. This one likely won’t go down quietly at Fox, which has had a few Palin-related screwups over the years, resulting in a strongly-worded memo to staff: cut. it. out:

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