Oops- Error 500

All of the above.

It seems to open reliably if I right-click and open in a new tab. Some timing-response thing.

Same here still, even when posting replies.

Same here Tom...

The gremlin is still with us... But I've been able to work around it.


The "Sorry, we couldn't load" message is turning up all over the place for me. Also when I finally get to the topic it's always the first post. It then takes me two tries to get down to the last post. There's no message on that glitch. I just have the same first post re-appear after a momentary blink. Then I click the down arrow/last post a second time and the system obeys my second request. What I never get is where I left off last time. I must figure that out myself by scrolling until I recognize something familiar.

Same thing with me. I found by typing in an approximation of the post I want (helpful in the longer strings) I can move on down the road a bit faster.

Thanks for pointing me to this thread - thought I had some sort of malfunction happening with my internet service.

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yw. I thought the same thing last night as my provider of the tubes sucks bigly.

Bad gateway! Bad, bad gateway! Back in your kennel until you learn to act better!


I've come back after a couple hours away, and I was able to log in and access The Hive and my profile without any bad gateways - so maybe you're a gateway whisperer and didn't know it?

ETA: Nvm... It took two tries to like your post, the first was a bad gateway.... : )

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It's 3 p.m. here on the West Coast and the glitches keep cropping up here. Sometimes I get through, often times I don't. Loading ANY page has been slow, jerky and sporadic for weeks now, but the past couple of days are horrible. I thought it was just a local problem till someone mentioned it on a nother thread I was trying to read.

It's 6:27 AM PT here . . .

So far I have not yet encountered a gremlin.

Anyone eles?


Good for me since 5:20AM ET

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Gremlins are back for me this morning 6:30 eastern. Error 504.

I was fine until I came back to this thread. Karmic payback :smile:

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It's 6:50 AM PT here . . .

So far I have not yet encountered a gremlin and no gremlins during my visits yesterday.


I'm getting really tired of the "Error code: 502 Bad Gateway" error.

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