Officer Who Fatally Shot Black Motorist Arrested, Will Be Charged With Manslaughter | Talking Points Memo

The officer that fatally shot a black motorist in a Minneapolis suburb over the weekend will face a second-degree manslaughter charge, state authorities announced Wednesday. 

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I don’t have all the facts and information at this time and probably never will. It was a terrible tragedy for all involved. It seems valid to take a close, hard look at the circumstances. A life was cut short. This seems like a reasonable action.

I’ve been trying not to jump to the conclusion that she’s another racist cop and giving her the benefit of the doubt that it really was an accident, but seeing that she was the president of a police union makes that more difficult.


I haven’t kept up with all the threads this morning as I have other things going on. Sorry if someone already posted this.
The defense medical expert cited multiple causes for Floyd’s death, not including lack of oxygen.
He also said the carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the car near his head contributed to his death.

Star Tribune has the story if you’re interested. I will say this, the expert testifying for the defense is being sued where he exonerated the police in a very similar case back East. Yes, another black man held down by multiple police and he died pretty much the same way Floyd died.


It’s a start.


Hmmmm, It’s almost like he was being held down by something or someone and was unable to move his head away from the fumes. Wonder what that was?


The right charge…and only 3 days late.

Crump is a little over the top with the accusation there, but this didn’t have to happen.


How much you wanna bet she pleads guilty and hopes for a light sentence.

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Why not require that the Taser be in the primary(easiest to reach) holster, with the Glock (or whatever) in the secondary holster? And have the Social Worker backup team on speed-dial?


The long arm of the law?


Or only let them carry a taser and have a backup team with actual firearms.


The NYT has a better headline:

That’s right, she killed him. Just like, as the whole world saw, Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd – yet we have this big trial and Chauvin’s defense team brazenly arguing that Chauvin did not kill Floyd. Disgusting.


Right. Because we just need to have more headlines like this recent murder of a cop.

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Officer Jarrot was without a firearm?

How does your assertion that having one guarantees safety work out then?

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Having one doesn’t guarantee safety. But with a heavily armed population, not being armed would make every LEO a target.


Cops shot by perps in 2020: 360

Fatal police shootings 2020: 1021



More like the Big Knee of the law.


the fatal shooting was an “accidental discharge.”

Maybe that will lead to a gun safety law to limit “accidental discharge” by requiring some affirmative act to cause a gun to discharge, like maybe pulling a trigger.

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According Brood yesterday having a suspect handcuffed, on their stomach, they should be “resting comfortably”, no mention of the knee to the suspect’s neck.
I didn’t realize that the police cruiser was still running.


When asked on redirect if he had knowledge if the police cruiser was running he said no…Just making up shit for money