NY Lawmakers Approve Probe Into Sexual Misconduct Accusations Against Cuomo

The New York State Assembly gave its Judiciary Committee the green light to investigate the growing allegations of sexual misconduct against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Thursday after the latest accusation was reported to law enforcement.

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The logical next step in the process.

Anyone here know anything about Kathy Hochul, the NY lite guv?


Makes perfect sense, the more so as these aren’t James O’Keefe allegations. They’re from the governor’s own staff.


Apparently Cuomo has dared the Democratic legislature to impeach him. I think he’ll lose that bet.


Yes, I’d like to see an actual investigation. Did these assaults happen? Were there even more not yet reported? How bad was it?

NO MORE AL FRANKENS. Anybody hounded from office must actually be shown to be guilty first.


This is at least a logical move. Demanding Cuomo’s resignation is a waste of time. If the Dems in the NY legislature truly believe these allegations are resignation worthy, they have the option to explore impeachment. The evolving standard for #metoo issues has to include due process.


Does it matter? If Cuomo is guilty, he’s guilty and has to be pushed out. “Let the chips fall where they may.”

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Suppose there’s an impeachment trial. I’m trying to imagine Cuomo bringing in as character witnesses women he’s actually dated. Are there any?

As these sorts of investigations seem to go, a lot will hinge upon what the women who said he touched them inappropriately said at the time it occurred. If there are relatives, friends, etc. who will corroborate that they were told about an incident not long after it happened, then that works against Cuomo. Asking them if they like older men and generally being boorish is in a different category from outright inappropriate touching. Unwanted touching of any sort is assault, legally speaking, so if what he did was at that level, and it can be proven, then he’s toast. I’d think those who want an impeachment or a trial would do some homework and see if they’ll be able to really go in that direction. Otherwise, they’ll be feeding the media harumphing machine, but that’ll be about it. Cuomo is up for re-election next year, so there’s a timing factor, as well.


Drum beat getting louder.


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Multiple accusers, fake apology, and attempted cover-up.

Are you sure this guy isn’t a Republican?


There was one already:

Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement on Thursday that her investigation into the allegations would not be impacted by the State Assembly’s move.

She may be right but I am not sure.

I like the two attorneys she chose to lead her investigation and I’m not sure the legislature will do a better job.

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Er, yeah.
It matters to the people of NY.
It matters to Donald Trump.

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I live in a glass house on this one. I have flirted with men and been rejected. Thank goodness I never had enough fame or fortune for it to be worth all their troubles to come after me.


So, if the current Light Guv is “problematic”, then you think Cuomo should be allowed to get away with it? That was what I was asking.

If I had thought that, I would have said as much.

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But did you touch them inappropriately? There are lines and there are lines. Unwanted touching is assault, legally speaking. If it can be proven that Cuomo crossed that line, and he knows they can prove it, he’ll resign, I’m sure. It’s not strictly he-said, she-said, because proof can come from people the women told at the time, or soon after, things occurred. But they’ll have to state under oath that they were told, not just tell a newspaper reporter. Although if their statements are clear and if they say they are prepared to go forward under oath, then, again, Cuomo is a goner and he will know it.

Short of the touching line, Cuomo can bluster and delay and those investigating can certainly consider various workplace harassment laws and regulations. But the whole touching thing is binary. If he did it, he committed assault, and that’s unacceptable in the eyes of the law, if not in his supporters.

(How do I know this about touching? IAMAL–I am not a lawyer–but I investigated what I ought to have done when I was, in fact, assaulted. My neck was grabbed in a painful manner in a public setting, although others present could not see that the force was extreme. I removed myself from the situation and investigated later. The police were very clear: if a person comes to them and says someone touched them in any way that was unwanted, they actually will take action. I’m not sure if an arrest would be immediate, but certainly at a minimum a report made.)

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And THAT is what they are trying to PROVE. Period. Right now they have a bunch of accusations and a picture taken at a wedding.

Well, they also seem to have credible evidence that Cuomo is a boorish asshole. But maybe that’s a prerequisite to be a politician in NY.

Those calling for his resignation need to not make the mistake of conflating these accusations with what happened regarding the nursing homes.

I’m confused. Because he’s a jerk he should be ‘take’ all the accusations and slink away? No investigation(s)?