National Sec Adviser: Top Impeachment Probe Witness To Be Removed From WH Council

This is about as surprising as the sunrise, and perhaps even less so since it’s cloudy sometimes. But, better for Vindman to be back at DoD than in the wasp’s nest in the WH, where he would have been looking over his shoulder constantly and shunned cruelly. Most likely his DoD career is over too, at least so long as Trump’s in office. A Dem would surely offer to restore him back in an appropriate position, but he might have moved on by then. Vindman knew that this was the likely outcome, yet did the right thing anyway. Guy deserves a Medal of Honor IMO, and a ticker tape parade–on 5th Avenue.


I would argue that we (the North) ceded the narrative on the Civil War, the part of war that wins the peace. That was, indeed, a grave error because the history has been twisted out of all recognition. Though the ‘noble, lost cause’ is a thing within certain circles, those sentiments are not that of the majority and have lost their luster with each generation.

The fact that we’re seeing the seeds of the Daughters of the Confederacy–all those Confederate statues decorating the landscape–begin to be seriously questioned is a very good sign. Has it taken too long? Without a doubt. But then myths, the fiery, passionate sort, can be very hard to stamp out. That’s why strangling them in the crib is the best antidote.

Yes, Nixon and his legacy was somewhat restored but the stink of the man’s faults, paranoia and resignation (to avoid an ouster) still fouls the air. Reagan is/was a saint only in Republican eyes. As for the rest? They’ll be forgotten, dispensed to the waste bin of memory. Maybe raise their heads in a footnote on the era, not much more. And that disregard? Richly deserved.

That’s not to argue that Republicans often appear to have the upper hand in writing the script in the moment. Honestly? They’re just better at lying, meme making and propaganda. As Dems, we really need to step it up! :wink:


Heaven forbid there be an honest patriotic person working in the White House.


And all those meetings he had to skip because Nunes’ lackey pretended he held Vindeman’s role. Clearly Vindman was surplus to requirements


National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien is an embarrassing liar and creep.

I’m sure he’s breaking the law by firing Vindman, but in this massive Trump crimewave I doubt he will be held accountable for enacting Trump’s traitorous destruction.


Not so fast! We’re quite busy with our bothsiderism!
The Media

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Remember - this was announced on Veterans Day weekend, LtC Vindman is a multi-tour veteran that was wounded in combat, and trump plans to show his “appreciation” for veterans by kicking off New York’s Veterans Day parade tomorrow.

Contemptible beyond belief.


They’ll also use this as an opportunity to eliminate all the cyber security experts that have been warning about continuing Russian interference in our elections…


Yup, they’ll coincidentally oust only these TWO out of 236 at the NSC and then declare it “fully streamlined”!


Promotion to the rank of Colonel does not require nomination by the President and approval by the Senate the way promotion to General Officer does - so we’ll have to see how the US Army responds.

Another thing to watch - all Colonels are expected to attend the Army War College or equivalent. If LtCol Vindman is selected to attend AWC, the Army may plan to promote him after the 2020 election.


So Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt. will have to double as NSC staffers? How will they obtain TS/SCI clearances? Oh. We know . . .

Will tRump have to sit through Doocey’s National Security weather reports while Kilmeade is fluffing him? (An impossible task.)

Doocey: Tomorrow in DC a librul front rolls through during eveing rush hour and will be raining angry Democrats.

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…and Dennis Rodman!


Promotion to the rank of Colonel does not require nomination by the President and approval by the Senate…
I think it’s quite possible trump could ruin his career in the military. Off hand I can’t think of any recent profiles in courage among the top brass when it comes to thwarting the power of the President.


The array of gutless wonders in this administration is deep and wide…how many competent witnesses to gross malfeasance does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Sp no one who is competent should serve our

Acting President.


They are always short and late.


Surprised they waited this long to retaliate against him (or anyone) for truthfully testifying.


Slightly OT, at LAX on Friday one store was selling t-shirts that said “Make America Great Again “ with a picture of Putin.


It’s fascinating to watch Trump spokespeople on tv. Their lips move up and down but they are ill-acquainted with the truth. Was this witness being fired supposed to perjury himself to please that monster-president?


Ummmm…linguist here. Actually, the singular they has been around since the 14th century. Around 400 years later some self-appointed purists decided they didn’t like it and began harping about it and school kids have been getting points off ever since…

Kinda like the “shouldn’t split an infinitive” malarky, i.e. to boldly go “should be” to go boldly. This actually only popped up in the 19th century when a bunch of (clerical) zealots decided to try to latinize English grammar (to “purify” it) and, since infinitives in Latin are a single word and cannot be split, ergo the two-word English infinitive should be viewed as an unsplittable unit. It’s all horsepucky. Most modern grammar guides no longer consider this an error. But they are still pounding on school kids about this.

Yes, it’s totally pointless.

(Sorry for the long lecture… :smirk:)