MLK Day Bomb Suspect Appears In Court | Talking Points Memo

The man suspected of planting a backpack bomb along a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade route in Spokane, Wash., appeared briefly in U.S. District Court Wednesday afternoon. Kevin William Harpham, 36, had been arrested earlier in day at his house near the small community of Addy, about 50 miles north of Spokane. He is charged with one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of knowingly possessing an improvised explosive device.The Seattle Times described Harpham as “a big-shouldered man with rumpled short brown hair and stubble on his face,” and said he gave single-word answers to U.S. Magistrate Judge Cynthia Imbrogno. Harpham’s public defender waved his bail hearing, and Imbrogno said his next court appearance will be March 23, after a federal grand jury considers whether to indict him.

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