Mississippi GOP Governor Leaves Door Open For Birth Control Ban

A lot of things happened. Here are some of the things. This is TPM’s Morning Memo.

With the Supreme Court’s conservative majority poised to tear down Roe v. Wade thanks to his state’s 15-week abortion ban, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) signaled on Sunday that a ban on contraceptives wasn’t off the table, telling CNN only that his state wasn’t focused on such a ban “at this time.”

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Quien es muy MAGA?


Griswold is on the hit list. Mark it.

P.S.- As is Obergefell and Lawrence.


Repubs caught the car they were chasing for so long. Now they’ve got their sights set on buses and eighteen wheelers.


Suppose he can claim he stopped a full scale armed assault on Minneapolis.


However, McConnell insisted that he wouldn’t end the filibuster or create a filibuster carveout for the potential abortion ban.

Someone’s sending a message.


Oh my gosh! Chuckie asked a follow up question! Take that Trevor Noah! /s


Many people are saying Tate Reeves owns a pizzeria, with a basement. And his pizza sucks.


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This would be a good time for physician groups such as the AMA to speak up. In fact, any group with a voice in public life should decry this assault on personal autonomy. If 65% of people support Roe then we should be hearing from 65% of people. Full page ads, press conferences, CEO statements would all be helpful about now. None of this will sway a group of Catholic zealots on the court but it may wake up the complacent It Can’t Happen Here crowd.


He could definitely fry as-is.

I think I just threw up in my mouth.


But you have to wonder what he thinks will happen with all of the extra births from abortion and contraception bans. As before, I have to ask, WTAF is wrong with these people?


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Worth reading……

From the article

“President Biden has the power and opportunity to protect abortion access, but he is not leveraging any of it,” said Denise Rodriguez, the head of communications for the Texas Equal Access Fund, which works to provide financial support for people seeking abortion services in a state that has come close to banning the procedure entirely.

The phrase, Rodriguez said, “shows us that he is not quite comfortable talking about abortion, even though there is nothing wrong with it and the majority of Americans support it.”

Abortion providers and activists say phrases like “abort a child” are even worse than the president’s previous silence due to the implied moral judgement of those who undergo the procedure. This, they ray, risks further stigmatizing a medical decision few who have undergone it feel they can safely discuss.


This nation needs a reboot. Let’s start taxing religious institutions as separation church and state is a fallacy. We can use the added revenue to support children’s (chronologically determined, not emotionally determined) health, welfare, and eduction programs.

Then, let’s do a honest state-by-state economic cost benefit analysis and determine what is happening to the funds that the federal government hands back to states and if the rest of the country should continue to support grifters. This is what the Republican want, isn’t it? Accountability?

The hypocrisy spouted by Republicans is amazing - and I’ve had enough. Force births under all conditions and then walk away and say it’s your problem. And they claim they are religious? I don’t know what religion they follow, but it is not one that I want anything to do with. Their beliefs simply represent a scam. The Republicans use religion to control people and blame their status on the fact that other less worthy people are getting things that their base is not (which is beyond a factual lie at this point if you want to be honest). They can sell that and they do.

This is the consequence of degrading our public educational system starting from the early years - to create a population that simply cannot think for themselves or reason for themselves. The Republican way.

Vote. Always vote. And let’s stop the equivalence between parties. It is simply not true. Time to lead and to stop wringing hands.


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