Militia Extremists, Kicked Off Facebook Again, Are Regaining Comfort in Public View

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Now describe the KKK.

“Members of the group gather in costume to express their shared enthusiasm for bonfires and the bonhomie of discourse on the topics of the day.”

No, you dipshit. They’re goddamned racists overtly bent on violent overthrow of modern multiracial society.

ETA: “As a scholar of Nazism, I have noted that Nazis are marksmanship enthusiasts and prize the timeliness of trains.”


About that guilty verdict…

And, for some, the convictions provide another reason to take matters into their own hands during a time when support for using violence to achieve political goals is on the rise. Indictments against Trump fueled this support, surveys have shown.

Some rightwing media and commentators, like Bongino and the Gateway Pundit, displayed upside-down flags on social media, a sign of distress and a symbol among Trump supporters that recently made the news because one flew at US supreme court justice Samuel Alito’s home after the insurrection.

People with Trump flags on urban street. |445x296.8461538461538
Trump supporters outside Trump Tower on 31 May 2024. Photograph: Julia Nikhinson/AP

The terms “banana republic” and “kangaroo court” flew around, as did memes comparing Biden to Nazi or fascist leaders. Telegram channels lit up with posts about how the end of America was solidified – unless Trump wins again in November.

“If we jail Trump, get rid of Maga, end the electoral college, ban voter ID, censor free speech, we’ll save democracy,” says one meme in a QAnon channel on Telegram that depicts Biden in a Nazi uniform with a Hitler mustache.

Tucker Carlson, the rightwing media heavyweight, waxed apocalyptic: “Import the third world, become the third world. That’s what we just saw. This won’t stop Trump. He’ll win the election if he’s not killed first. But it does mark the end of the fairest justice system in the world. Anyone who defends this verdict is a danger to you and your family.”


I look at the faces of these Trump fans and I see a parade of people called dumb or ugly in high school and whose sense of personal power is underlined by their possession of a gun.

Not people to be feared. The Trump revolution will look like a number of Trump fans exercising monkey-like bigotries and will die in utero.

What are they mad at again - too convoluted. This isn’t the stuff that drives people to war; and when they look around, where do they see it in real life? Nowhere.

Give me a hundred like the guy standing on the left in the main picture, and I’ll take care of them myself. Welcome to Uncle Magic’s Real America Chipper Challenge.

Real tough guys don’t dress up. They aren’t that fat. They have no compelling reason to stand on a street corner.

The toughest this guy ever will be is standing in a quasi-uniform waving a flag.


Posting on Twitter?
Are Pravda and Russia Today no longer supporting him after his disastrous interview with Putin? (Rhetorical question. They will eventually. He is after all, a useful idiot.)


These are the idiots who still believe Fat Donnie’s bull jive without a shred of evidence. There certainly are a lot of them. But relatively small percent differences decide elections, and rational nontribal people are looking at the evidence and actions and turning off the GOP on many levels. I’m rooting for a Biden victory. And if it comes to riots and violence, I wouldn’t want to be on the militias’ team when shit gets real. See: A. Babbitt, et al.


Did you see pictures of the Jan 6 insurrectionists? I don’t think they’re going to be able to swing that kind of riot again this time, but I wouldn’t be so quick to blow off fat guys with guns.


Ostentatiousness seems to be the essential ingredient of their “movement”. Note the size of that Trump flag.


“Real tough guys don’t dress up. They aren’t that fat. They have no compelling reason to stand on a street corner.”

I refer to them as “Chris Kyle cosplayers”.


The guy whose name tag says, “Pot Roast”? LOL



January 6th insurrectionists were overwhelmingly idiotic hardons in a rage. A lot of them on government assistance.

Their rage found its place in supporting Trump, but every one of them is 1. Thick as shit, 2. A drama queen, 3. Ready to praise White Jesus.

Mowing down dumb fucks might be unpleasant work, but it’s not difficult. These people are…tactically insufficient.


These are limping souls.


Chris Kyle, who sure took a record breaking number of kill shots considering we were not at war with that country, and were only there on false information pimped by yet another evangelical Christian.

One thing can safely be said about Kyle, knowing something about sniper kill rates in Vietnam: he was without question a murderer.


““Some militias seek to defend themselves from the government, while others prepare to attack it — but all prioritize preserving Second Amendment rights and believe that they are protecting democracy from government tyranny that would otherwise be unchecked””

None of them are DOING that. They’re COSPLAYING that. These no doers are seeking a “tough” ID. “fighters against tyranny”…and fight what they call tyranny, such as wearing mask mandates, by totally complying with mandated traffic rules on their way to their demonstrations. Most appear overweight, middle age or older, grizzled and unkempt. I’d bet a load there’s not many high school diplomas in those crowds.

And where do they do their toughness? On Facebook. If it were not for Facebook and Twitter greed these pawns would not exist. Phonies that should be laughed at. Not listened to. The proof is in the pudding right? Check out their pudding. What the fuck have they ever achieved?


Seems the folks at the UK Guardian have not been paying attention. Calls for war and bloodshed from these posers have always resulted in one thing. No war or blood. No trees have been watered with the blood of patriots. No liberals have been “capped”. No civil war. Just empty talk that keeps getting MSM cover. Cone on. These phony losers have been crying wolf for more than a decade.


“…and are interested in genealogy.”

“I’m Vladimir Putin, and I approve this message.”


Maybe give a pass on those kids. I would suggest that too many Trumpers exhibit the signs of that person whose last good day in the sun was the last day of High School. Life came at them pretty fast and their relevance died that day. They never made the leap of growing up and building their relevance anew in the real world. Their measuring stick for success is still built on the juvenile metrics of that time. Slapping on a quasi uniform with fancy badges and flare impresses them, makes them feel they have some stature that doesn’t really exist. Gathering with like minded twits allows them to voice their victimhood and feel validated in the process. And in all things, it is someone else’s fault.


Organizing and reorganizing is the fate of the disordered.

The militia-minded are restless paranoids always on the move. But in circles. Inside their heads. Is that changing?

We watch to see what sets them off and what damps them down. There’s lots to know.


This CTEC just does not give me confidence they are on to something big – weak tea is not where it is at, IMO. Too 2016 as far as their sights (Facebook) and solutions (designing games to counter extremism and terrorism).

Now, if they are tapped into Erik Prince’s latest chat room — that might brew some stronger tea: