Michelle Obama On Harris-Biden Clash: ‘No Comment’

Former first lady Michelle Obama steered clear of the recent clash between Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and her husband’s former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Obama said: I do not

Not going to do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.


Biden apologized on Sunday evening for his remarks about working with segregationists: “I regret it. And I’m sorry for any of the pain or misconception I may have caused anybody,” he said.

Joe really got out quickly in front of that fuck up to diffuse the situation, didn’t he?

TPM, you’re reporting on Michelle Obama having nothing to say? So, the absence of a comment is comment worthy. Got it.

Edit: Then again, it’s nice to talk about such an amazing women after the mountain of Trump insanity we’ve all had to suffer through.


Good for her. This constant sniping and sanctimonious BS coming from the Dem candidates is not good for the party.


I’d be more interested in Barack’s reaction than in Michelle’s. I like them both, but it’s just a passing thing. Biden should stand up and handle it in every appearance. He needs to defend his own stance and not rely on surrogates to do it for him.

Michelle we Miss You!!


Joy also asked Michelle something like “Do you think the country is ready for a woman president?”

The ever clever Obama answered (IIRC) “I answered that last time and they didn’t listen.”


We miss their whole family. They left the White House the same way they entered it; with grace, empathy, humility, and compassion.


Yes, what an odd take on what was a very perceptive interview, with Michelle expressing her usual forthright honesty and straightforward opinions.

“It’s a hard job, y’all. This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a game — the leader of the free world with a tweet can start a war, can crush an economy, can change the future of our children…. Someone who is careful with their words, somebody is who is trustworthy, someone who is loyal and honest.”

Here’s a link to the interview.


OT -

But I just gotta’ say that I love that Michelle is wearing her hair natural. For black women (or any woman with ethnic hair), this is still an area permeated with widespread racism and misogyny.


So the slant of this article is what makes me already weary of the perpetual election cycle.

Some reporters seem to think it’s news that candidates disagree and they gleefully gin up catfights between them, because that gets clicks. So naturally, Michelle Obama gives a thoughtful interview and the headline is “Here’s what Michelle thinks of the Biden-Harris catfight!!!”

Nope. Tell us what she said, not how she fits into your silly “Dems in disarray” narrative.


“silly” is exactly the word for it…

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All class! How
I miss the Obamas so much.


After being dragged kicking and screaming into it

Just maintaining the family’s record: spineless leadership on important topics and issues.

Let the grass roots do all the heavy lifting while Obama hobnobs with the Bush family and US Oligarchy. The Obama’s are fake Democrats…in every sense they belong with the Republican coproratist party.

8 years of complete disappointment and frustration with Obama…the whole change thing and his BS is one reason so many flocked to Trump!

Obama sucks! Biden sucks! Pelosi sucks! Schumer sucks!

President Elizabeth Warren!
House Majority Leader: AOC
Senate Majority Leader: Tammy Baldwin


Yes – and her hair is gorgeous.


In other words, she’s cool with Biden’s sleazy connections with segregationists.

Calling this a “clash” or a “cat-fight” just cheapens the affair.

I would rather spend the day listening to Michelle Obama say No Comment than to spend a minute listening to Trump and his miserable family saying anything other than we are out of here.


And it she gets elected, by December of 2021, you’ll be chanting Elizabeth Warren sucks.