McConnell Scolds Trump But Defends His Vote Not To Convict | Talking Points Memo

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who voted that Trump was not guilty of the impeachment article against him, said in a speech Saturday that the rioters who attacked the Capitol “did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth.”

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Evil Turtle speak with forked tongue…


McConnell can go fuck himself, sideways, with a saguaro.

The sheer hypocrisy of blocking a trial while Trump was in office and then saying that Trump can’t be convicted because the trial wasn’t conducted while he was in office is infuriating. And, the sheer gall of standing up after the vote and confirming the entire House manager’s case makes it even worse. He likely just cemented his legacy as the worst, most nefarious Senate leader in history…and that’s without knowing the consequences of his actions. It’s very possible that he just allowed the Trump minions space to grow even more powerful, and possibly subject us to more violence and overthrow of the government in the future.

He deserves the denigration that history will have for him, he’s an awful human being only interested in power instead of the good of the nation as a whole.


And you can be sure he had it all worked out months ago.


So, let me get this straight, inciting an insurrection isn’t a high crime? Fug you Yertl and the ass you rode in on.


The articles of impeachment did not reach the Senate before Trump left office.

That’s because McEvil McReptile refused to call the Senate into session. Very convenient.


Turtle shirks sworn duty, Orange Dictator plays through.


I think if Pence had been assassinated while Trump stood smiling next to him, Trump would still have been acquitted.


I think if Pence had been assassinated while by Trump, who stood smiling next to him, Trump would still have been acquitted.



There is still room left to go after trump.
I hate to say it but mcconnell is right as far as senate rules go… what he forgot to mention is that it was him that got trump past jan 20 back into civilian life.
Now the DOJ has the ability to go after him for exactly the same charge while piling on many more.
The statue of limitations is the only obstacle in the way of which I don’t know where that is.
Biden needs to get Garland in and then turn him loose on trump along with the many states AG’s to slam dunk trump with so many indictments he will crash and burn. Keep him real busy swimming in the swamp so we don’t have to listen to his crap for at least the next 4 years,


McConnell explained away the dissonance by saying it wasn’t the Senate’s role to be a “moral tribunal” for the country.

Hypocritical piece of crap; how much you want to bet he voted to convict Bill Clinton for fellatio? I guess, as always, IOKIYAAR.


“He did not mention that he was himself the cause for this timeline.”
But Nancy Pelosi does… and has a difficult time getting off the stage… she’s sliced and diced his possible motives for saying guilty, but aquitted.


And not just T****, but also his evil spawn. I want them broke and pathetic. Well, more pathetic.


and the horse you rode in on


Fuck McConnell and the Trump he rode in on.
I don’t have anything nice to say about the Dems either.

I had to shut my radio off so I could stop hearing the political pundits blather on about how big it was that seven GOP members crossed party lines to convict Trump, repeatedly listening to that was bad enough, but even worse is the fawning compliments about McConnell and his takedown of Trump.

“What McConnell said was much harsher than anything any of the democrat impeachment managers uttered.”

While McConnell might dislike Trump on a personal level he was absolutely fine with Trump’s four-plus years of incitement as long as Trump signed off on the GOP’s real agenda, tax cuts, and deregulation for their 0.1% real base.

If nothing else, McConnell is a strategic political player, I consider his remarks about Trump as nothing more than seeding the battlefield: this message was for Manchin and Sinema and the blowback McConnell knows is coming about the filibuster and statehood for Washington among other things he truly fears.

The only possibly comforting thing to take away from all of this is the fact that the GOP will continue to destroy themselves from within.

Michael van der Veen has earned his newly found position as Trump’s personal lawyer… until he no longer is.


Lord what a weasel!

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The baby has been split, who gets the guts?

There is no statute of limitations on murder…inciting a mob to riot and having a murder as a result is probably an accessory to murder, and that likely doesn’t have a statute of limitations either. And, it’s a federal crime since everything happened in DC, so the Garland DoJ can pursue crimes related to that; odds are the House is going to do a deep investigation and help them to find charges to file.

Trump will be pardoned if a Trumpy Republican is elected president, so making sure that never happens again should be a priority.


What else could anyone expect from this evil, corrupt, senile glob of vermin?