Man Arrested In Anti-Semitic Plots | Talking Points Memo

“Flat affect” is the term…very much associated with psych illness, particularly depression and schizotypal disorders, both of which sound like it was plausible he could be suffering…and which would make him a prime recruitment candidate for the kkkult.


Yeah, he’s a mess alright. Good thing he’s “in the system” now. It gets old, the innocent suffering and death, just because the Hispanics are invading or the Jews won’t let you have enough money.

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Ummmm…I think you’ll find denken is the word you were looking for.


The “ball sack” (and what it is attached to) are extremely small (if non-existent) for racist ammosexual alpha hotels like Climo. They need all those weapons to prove their manhood.

What’s really stupid is that Atomwaffen means “nuclear weapons” which they clearly don’t have. Or perhaps they are optimistic.

Or maybe just morans.

I think I’ll go with the latter.

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Correct haha…it’s been years since I took German. I suppose I could’ve used “glauben” as well, but it just didn’t sound right.

I believe that everyone is entitled to competent legal counsel …

but it would seem that it would take a special sort of mind set to properly provide representation in this case.

Most likely he was quickly sized up and shown the door.

Someone should post this on Tucker Carlson’s twitter account.

And so will the rest of us.

Actually, I probably would have gone with glauben myself — your first instinct was probably a smidge better. As is often the case :laughing:

(I am not a native speaker, but my coworkers, hubby and others say I’m pretty close… I will even proofread German texts for content and clarity.)

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I’m sure they have a battery of tests the first few days and he set off all the alarms.

Prosecutors alleged in the complaint that Climo had also associated with an Atomwaffen spinoff group called the Feuerkrieg Division.

Weird, I woulda pegged him for the Arschgeige Division or maybe Kampfgruppe Backpfeifengesicht.

Why, when I have you to do it for me?

It was said in jest. Carry on.

Agree … the whole “tactical” thing … WTF? Sure, I liked to play army man when I was a young boy … but these guys never moved on. Unfortunately, the guys that did go into the military, were taught to kill, and are now moving around our country highly armed and suffering from various levels of PTSD, those are the ones that are really worrying. The rest are just engaging in some type of evil cosplay.


You’ll get over it.

Well you put twice the effort into that reply. Milquetoast still, though.

Your passion will drive our resistance to a dictator. Or maybe you’re the guy that’s yellow and keeps the store.

Your comments are crap. Get stewed.

Then again, maybe not.