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G-D you third party voters!


The majority of them voted Libertarian. I expect that there would be a net gain for the GOP if all the third parties were removed from the ballot in MI and WI.


I just liquidated my entire portfolio and put every penny into sheet cake futures.


You sheet cakers are an abomination to gawd and will destroy America.


So when is Trump going to tweet out a condemnation of the Libertarian Party?

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Sorry I’m going with the devil here.

at least while we have chocolate.


I use my 1/2 sheet pan to make this:

It is good pizza, but very much not thin crust pizza or deep dish pizza. It is basically a heavily topped focaccia.


I have to agree. I had my share of angel food cakes growing up. They were the most enjoyable when topped with fruit and whipped cream, but those toppings just left me wanting to swap out the angel food for shortcake.


15 minutes after a talking head on Fox condemns it.



Well, OK, but financial opportunities like this don’t come along every day.


Now that’s America! Fuck yeah!

My wife bought a bunch of ice cream so we could either drown our misery or celebrate victory election night. Instead, we had no appetite for it.

Best thing I did all election day was to join wife and one of my kids for a twilight beach walk.


Angel food cake is too much like eating a sweet cleaning sponge. Sponge cake is the same, only with a higher rubber content. (Let the food wars begin!)

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This time I think third partiers would have been trumpies. Maybe it should be God Bless 3rd party voters.

Yesterday I (along with a number of others) processed mail in ballots in my county. Some R’s wrote in Mitt and Cruz for prez. (Thank you – one fewer vote for pathetic-donald each).
In this case I think the 3rd party helped D’s. I live in a red county so the final outcome was unsurprisingly, and expectedly red. I did see a lot of votes for Joe though.

Being up close and personal in the process, gives me great respect for our county clerk and all the election workers. They strive to - and usually do a superb job on a demanding task.

Joe has WI, MI and AZ most likely. He has 270. Joe is prez elect as of NOW. PA, NC and even GA are moving every so slightly in the blue shift that was predicted. It could put Joe past 300 ECV when the ballots are all counted.

I want to know what happened to the 300,000± votes that got stuck in the PO. I’d like to see DeJoy indicted once pathetic-donald cannot pardon him. He should do some time in jail IMO.

Joe’s presence can at least stop the flood of corruption. He can (and said he would) audit the stimulous money already out. He can do a LOT – not all everyone wants without the senate…but perhaps save our democracy after all. Perhaps all is not yet lost.

Yea I read LIB as Liberal not Libertarian.
I voted in person yesterday, and everything went really smoothly. We got new machines, in fact it’s all paper ballots in my county, we get to vote in any polling place in the county, they had an app that showed the number of people in line waiting to vote, and bestest of all I got a new pen. We sign in electronically, and this time we got our own pen with a rubber tip on top for the electronic signature, and the a regular pen on the other end to fill in squares. So St. Louis County, MO is really stepping up their game. The only candidates that got/will get elected that I voted for is Joe and my state rep.

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