Life's Greatest Pleasure

No, it’s not whatever you’re thinking in your filthy mind. It’s saying “I told you so”.

“Oh,” they moaned, “there’s no POINT in starting impeachment, it CAN’T get through the Senate.”

“But you don’t know what will happen,” I said. “What we do know is that behind the scenes a lot of Republicans want to get rid of Trump. Given the opportunity…”

“No,” they sniveled. “No, no, it’s too risky. We could lose the House. We could give Trump four more years. No, we can’t take a chance…”

“It is a moral fucking imperative,” I thundered. “And, again – simply putting impeachment in motion changes the political equation. It makes the Democrats look like they’re actually trying, like they have courage and convictions, like they’re not just calculating weasels, forever running opinion polls and dithering ‘well, on the one hand, but then, on the other’. We HAVE to at least TRY.”

“McConnell won’t even let it come to the floor!” they wept, wringing their widdle hands together and sobbing.

Well, McConnell is going to let it come to the floor. He’s loathsome but smart enough to see the rats lining up at the edges of the deck, and he’s obviously positioning himself to get a place at the head of the line. All he has to do is say “Yeah, you know what? Secret ballot sounds good to me”.

And Trump is COOKED.

I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO.


I was thinking that it was posting on The Hive.

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I thought it was counting your chickens before they’re hatched.


I thought it was KonMari’ng my tee shirt drawer. Really, it’s lovely!

I thought it was blocking dumbass threads.

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