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OregonLive/ The Oregonian

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Video Teresa Mahoney

Below is Video #2... The key moments...

How the traffic stop that resulted in Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum’s death unfolded.

OregonLive/ The Oregonian - Jan 29, 2016


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Oh and...

Before anyone thinks I'm being cold hearted.

Here's what I posted on the 01/29/16 after waiting for all the info to come in.


So, what should we conclude from the video? Justified shoot, trigger-happy cop, or assassination? Or, other?

If we had audio (yes, I know the video lacked on-the-ground audio, but I'm betting that an audio recording on the ground exists), it might inform one's interpretation of the video.


Just to keep things orderly. I suggest you pose your question over in this other thread.

“His hands were up” vs. “He charged the cops”

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