Key Moments From Mueller’s Capitol Hill Testimony So Far | Talking Points Memo

In his marathon testimony Wednesday on Capitol Hill, former special counsel Robert Mueller stuck to the facts of his report under intense questioning from Democrats and Republicans alike. His staccato answers did not diverge from his investigatory conclusions, despite the members’ best efforts.

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I didn’t expect much, so this is not disappointing. 2020.


Remember the good 'ol days when you could impeach a President over a blowjob…good times, good times.


Certainly shuts down rather definitively some of the bullshittier talking points Trump and his anti-American GOP enablers have flung about. That said, not really much new here.


Sounds to me that Mueller is not so much saying that they decided to not charge Trump because of the OLC rule as that they decided to not even consider charging him because of the rule–whether or not he might or might not have committed otherwise chargeable crimes.

Which, if true, leaves enough wiggle room for Repubs to assert that it’s not true that they didn’t charge Trump solely because of the rule, but rather also because there wasn’t any evidence supporting such charges. Which would be BS, of course, but that never stopped Repubs from asserting anything.

Dems have to go all-out with the assertion that but for the OLC rule Trump would have been charged, given the evidence of crimes and that Mueller would not exonerate him, which even though also not a slam dunk assertion, is good enough in today’s malleable media climate where spin trumps fact.



About what I expected “I refer you to the report” - though I had anticipated chapter and verse of the report. He’s tired.

Honestly, the only hope I have now that the dem’s will ‘lead from behind the polls’ - is for Epstein to cough up something truly salacious regarding Trump and girls and money laundering. With BARR riding to Trump’s rescue - even that seems unlikely.


Sensenbrenner, Ratcliffe, Reschenthaler, McClintock, Gohmert…perfectly manifesting all of the GOP’s corruption, willful ignorance, bad faith etc. all disgusting accessories to treason.
…verbally crapping their way through the substance of Trump’s manifold crimes with their short-attention span theatre act. History will remember them as aiding and abetting crimes against the Constitution and the American people (all of them, not just the white ones they only care about)

Impeach this criminal president now.


Please- no one try to sell me again the fantasy of the ‘patriotic republican marine’ who puts the law and the nation before party loyalty- that unicorn does not exist.

There are no republicans who are Americans first and partisans second. This Mueller farce proves it.


I guess most here on TPM are focused on the Mueller testimony - as well they should be - but they are missing out on this extraordinary clip of Rudy Giuliennefries’s appearance on “Fox and Friends”. And in the “oh-my-God-Ma-Grampa-is-snorting-the-oatmeal-again” department, he does not disappoint!

Rudy Giuliani: America’s Mayor-niac!


In Mueller’s defense, you can’t fact-check crazy.


Also notable that he explicitly said POTUS could be indicted after leaving office per the OLC memo. That comment plus the facts re obstruction ( which on at least 8 of the 11 instances are pretty damning to POTUS) seems significant. Of course he won’t say he would have indicted absent the OLC rule, but it sure walks and quacks to me.


This testimony reaffirms what everyone who was paying attention already knows. The question is, will it get anyone else’s attention? and, if so, how many people will notice this?

Time will tell.


I expected far more courage and patriotism form Mueller, so yeah, I’m disappointed. His cowardly hiding behind the text of the report without offering any elucidation tells me all I need to know about this so-called “hero.”

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Faced with not being able to indict the President, Kenneth Starr declined to investigate Bill Clinton. Am I getting this right?


How could this list miss Mueller stating that Trump can be prosecuted when he leaves office and that he didn’t indict Trump because of the OLC memo? THE LATTER IS THE ENTIRE FUCKING POINT OF WHY WE’RE STUCK WITH IMPEACHMENT AS THE ONLY SOLUTION, but it’s buried. It should be a headline all by itself.

You severely disappoint me lately, TPM. The focus seems to be sliding into the salacious over the substantive over and over again.


I think he chose that course in self-defense – he’s far from 100%,and probably no longer has the level of recall that prosecutors need to be able to access in courtroom settings. In other words, he would have looked worse if he had tried to explain his findings on his own.


All the best Mr. Mueller. Thanks for your service to country.


If it were anybody else, you’d say the witness was doing what he could to protect Trump. Which maybe he was.

The exchange with Escobar is a good highlight of what I think Mueller’s strategy was here…at least in part. He wasn’t going to let himself be used for soundbites or video clips in campaign ads if he could help it, so he avoided the direct question on impeachment and then referred back to it with an oblique reference. Still, I think we can use the exchanges with Buck and Lieu where he confirms Trump can be prosecuted and that the OLC was his only reason for not making a prosecution decision.


He refused to answer 123 times [MSNBC]. He presented himself as a hostile witness, regardless of who was asking the question. A real hero doesn’t care about how he looks, he takes the tough questions head-on and tells the truth. He doesn’t hide behind, “even though you’re quoting my own words to me, I can’t explain them to you because I will only confirm that they exist in the report.” [not a direct quote]

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