Key DOJ Civil Rights Nom Gets Closer To Senate Vote In Face Of Fierce GOP Resistance | Talking Points Memo

President Biden’s nominee to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is one step closer to a confirmation vote by the full Senate. But Senate Republicans are mounting a full-scale resistance to Kristen Clarke, a prominent civil rights attorney.

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Why on earth would you appoint a prominent civil rights attorney to head the Civil Rights Division? Are there no political cronies better suited? What is this country coming to?


“It has not been lost on Clarke’s supporters that Republicans, with the similar pushback they launched against Gupta, have chosen to target to female DOJ nominees of color.”

Sadly, that description pretty well checks all of the favorite boxes for opposing a Biden nominee. The republicans aren’t risking offending anyone in their “base”, at least, no one that counts to them. This should play well on Fox, as soon as they manage to dream up a more acceptable sounding rationale for opposing her (however transparent it may be).

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During the committee meeting to vote on Clarke, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said that this reflected a “disturbing trend” of Biden choosing “highly politicized (uppity) nominees” for the Justice Department.

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Nailed it.